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Thursday, March 4, 2010

LK Advani said - Govt went back on pension promise : PM insisted that the promise had been completely redeemed

New Delhi: BJP leader L K Advanis remark in Parliament on Wednesday that the government was close to a clandestine deal with Pakistan over Kashmir under US pressure provoked a usually calm Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and led to a brief spat between the two. The Lok Sabha also witnessed Congress president Sonia Gandhi encouraging Sriprakash Jaiswal to challenge Advanis claim that the government was contemplating a secret deal.But she was less than enthusiastic over a National Conference MPs loud support for Jammu and Kashmirs pre-1953 status.

The PM took on Advani over the latters claims that the one-rank,one-pension promise had not been fully implemented. It does not behove anyone to create a rift between the government and the Services, the PM said. Singh insisted that the promise had been completely redeemed.

Opening the discussion for BJP on the motion of thanks to the Presidents address, Advani accused the government of going back on its promise to implement the one-rank,one-pension policy for the armed forces. On Advanis point that former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf had claimed that he was close to an understanding on Jammu and Kashmir with India in 2007,Singh was sharp.You are using the forum of Parliament to sow the seeds of... he said,leaving the retort incomplete. Singh was perhaps provoked by the BJP leaders pointed charges raising doubts about the governments stand on the Kashmir issue.


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