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Saturday, December 19, 2009


We experience agony and pain when we come to face an emotional, social or financial upheaval over which we have no control. The word agony implies suffering that one goes through helplessly, maybe over a prolonged period of time. It could be a state of mental anguish in which we fear or question the uncertainty in our lives. We may feel like giving ourselves up to fate.

You might feel agony over the death of a loved one, separation from a loved one, a traumatic accident or chronic physical ailment. Suffering can also arise on account of being misunderstood by others or because of not being able to express yourself. One who is in agony might think he is a total failure in life; that there is no hope left. However, what seems like suffering can be turned into a golden opportunity if it is dealt with intellect and patience. This in turn is brought about by means of setting goals, seeking guidance and cultivating positive thoughts.

Dealing with all that causes suffering means to overcome obstacles in our path to progress. There are many ways to accomplish this. First of all it means focusing on strengths and understanding our limitations better. Interacting with positive people helps. Walking in natural environs, spending time alone, reading quietly or listening to music are all activities that engender positive thinking for it connects us to the whole; it opens our eyes to the interconnected nature of life and the concept of Brahmn starts making sense.

It is better to avoid those who have a negative attitude to life for they tend to pull your spirits down, adding to your bag of troubles. If possible, avoid negative surroundings too. Love and hope, faith and optimism have the power to move mountains; they can vanquish all your fears and strengthen your resolve to be compassionate and loving.

Another way to deal with suffering is by engaging yourself in community service as well as by learning skills to acquire knowledge and wisdom. Seek the company of the good and virtuous from whom you can learn and elevate your consciousness. The mind needs good nourishment too, like the body. Chanting mantras or saying prayers could help some of us get into the right mood that promotes reflection and greater understanding of the interconnected nature of all things.

Strength attracts strength. God is believed to be all-powerful and strong; it has been said that you are as weak as the weakest link in the chain but the converse can also hold true – you could be as strong as the strongest link in the chain. For you are as strong as you think you are.

Integrating all these ways brings to us a sense of calmness and hope. And in the presence of hope, faith is born. And in the presence of faith miracles happen. Positive thinking can turn adversity into opportunities for healing, forgiveness and for compassion. Then our deeds will automatically be done with no fear of the future. Then the path of agony will be changed to a path of progress and sorrow turns into eternal happiness.

BY -Rashmi Singla IN TOI

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