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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar has run into trouble with the government for unilaterally granting four increments in one go to all Lok Sabha Secretariat employees. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has now put it on record that he does not support the move, which ought to have been first discussed with his ministry. In what is turning into a controversial and complicated issue, the increments have been given over and above the sixth pay commission hikes. Disbursal has already started and arrears too have been paid. It is learnt that this will cost over Rs 100 crore, and was done without concurrence of the Finance Ministry.

By an order on September 22, issued through the Lok Sabha Secretary General, the Speaker authorised grant of “two advance increments each” with effect from April 1 and April 2, 2007 to “all employees in the revised structure of pay, as a one time measure”. The justification given was that this would remove “pay anomalies” and the expenditure would be borne from the Lok Sabha budget.

Matters, however, came to a head when Rajya Sabha Secretariat employees demanded the same from Vice-President Hamid Ansari who raised the issue with Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Bansal as any such financial decision has to be cleared by a joint committee which has representation from both Houses and the Finance Ministry.

The Lok Sabha has some 2,900 employees while the Rajya Sabha has 1,300.

Bansal then took up the matter with Mukherjee who responded on November 17: “There appears to be no justification in granting advance increments in the case of those employees who are already in receipt of a substantial amount as ‘special pay’ for performing their duties. On the recommendations of the sixth CPC (central pay commission), the government has granted Military Service Pay to Defence Forces’ officers and PBORs. However, they have not been granted any advance increments. Hence, the grant of advance increments to the employees of Lok Sabha Secretariat is likely to generate a demand from various other sections of employees of central government and courts etc, to grant them similar benefit.”
 Rajiv Gupta - 28-Dec-2009 : Somebody should stop this open loot by Govt. Babus -Govt. service was considered to be a social service since Govt. make its income by taxing its citizens. As such any rational Govt. is dutybound to ensure that expenses on salaries of its employees are reasonable. However this Govt. headed by Mr. Manmohan singh has crossed all limits. In a poor country where 80% people still have average daily income of Rs 20/- only, this shameless Govt. has doled out crores of Rupees to its babus. Now these parasites not only get hefty salary & allowances but alo get everything right from power to respect. This is absurd and somebody should raise voice over this open dacoity by Govt. on taxpayers money. It is like a dacoit gang looting and distributing looted money amongest them. But then who will listen. Everyone right from Netas to judiciary have their pockets filled up with this loot. It is so shameful in a country which calls Gandhiji and Lal Bhadur Shastri its leaders.
Praveen Belapurkar - 28-Dec-2009 : It is free for all in government. Recently ministers and M.P.'s increased their allowances. Where was Mr. Finance Minester? Why not he questioned the wisdom of decision and why not he cmae forward giving details of burden on countery's tax payers. It is a loot.
Gopal - 28-Dec-2009 : Pay hikes to LS staff - What was the need to offer special increments when enough has been coughed out through VI pay commission. If the salary of LS/RS staff can be hiked by the wishes of the presiding officers, why link their pay to Pay commissions ? You cannot have both the benefits. The cat has come out of the bag in ISRO. Why this partiality ? In what way other depts are inferior ? Will Mr FM clarify ?
Faktuddin Janmohmed - 28-Dec-2009 : Ministers can now officially travel with companions at the costs of Public Exchequer!Jai ho Soniaji - Apart from putting his foot down to the demand increase in the salaries of the employees of the Lok Sabha,this pusine mined finance minister was very exfited in permitting the ministers to take companions to travel air and tarins though they are permitted to take their accompany them.How can the Minbisters be permitted to have this previlage when most of them so travelling with aldies in no way related to them and their by eqating their such companions as their relatives.Shame on this Finance Min ister and his party leaders even after Narayan Dutt Tiwari had been abused in Raj Bhavan with 3 women at a time.
Shanthanu - 28-Dec-2009 : Loot in the name of Govt - The weakest FM who cannot think of equity in perks and benefits to all the employees is making a high drama of financial drain. Kasab can eat away crores, Liberhan drain 8 crores, 470 Central projects are shelved out of 900 for mismanage-ment. The list is endless. This country can never dream to be developed in centuries to come.
Srinivas - 28-Dec-2009 - Why  do you make an issue out of it? - In ISRO, all got about 20% if increase over and above the recommendations of Sixth pay commission. Besides, some of the chumachas of ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair, got about 4-6 additional increment (not advance increment). To top it all, some of the empoyees have been rewarded with cash incentives from 10,000 rupes to one lakh rupees. When this old hagg Pranab happily and readily agreed to such outrageous proposals, why should he object now? ISRO got all these incentives which they didn't deserve for making a chandrayaan which was in reality utter flop show. All central givernment employees should be treated in same manner, expcept serive personnel who protect the nation day and night risking thier life.
(Source - Indian express)

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