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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Ref: ESM/GC-M/08/149 Dated: 20 Dec 08, 31/3/09, 28/4/09, 11/5/09, 4/6/09, 12/10/09, 4/11/09 & 25/12/09.

TO : 1. Oi/c Records, The Sikh LI, Fatehgarh- 209601 (UP).
2. Adjt Gen, IHQ of MOD (Army) New Delhi-11.
3. PCDA (P), Allahabad- 211014 (UP).
4. Jt Secy, ESM Welfare Deptt, MOD New Delhi-11.

Palwinder Kaur is still struggling for Family Pension of her missing Soldier husband of Fatehgarh Sahib (Pb) (No 4456567 Missing/ presumed dead Sep Balbir Singh of 15 Sikh LI)


1. Please ref to Palwinder Kaur’s petition dt 14/12/07 & Record’s latest L/dt 16/2/08 (& Legal Notice).

2. It is reported by Smt Palwinder Kaur of VPO Tarkheri Distt Fetehgarh sahib, that she is still not getting her Family Pension, even after 18/20 year’s gap of her Missing/ presumed dead husband late Sep Balbir Singh of the Sikh LI. Sep Balbir Singh was on annual leave and went missing on 10/ 14 Oct 1990, before joining back unit 15 Sikh LI at Bathinda. He had completed more than 13 year’s of service (wef 24/9/77) and was due for pension shortly. God knows the reason of his missing. All out efforts had/ have been made by all the family members & Police but no trace of Balbir Singh has been found till today.

2. Palwinder Kaur had repeatedly submitted all the asked for documents to the Records. She has no property or job/ source of income, but managing family some how by doing menial work here & there. She has two marriageable daughters & youngest grown up son studying (17-18 yrs), all at highest expenditures level. Finally, as per Records a/q letter, she had re submitted following documents through ZSB Fatehgarh Sahib (Pb), under the guidance of this NGO:-

(a). FIR’s copy of missing Balbir Singh.
(b). Latest Police Report that Balbir Singh was/ is still missing.
(c). Palwinder Kaur’s Affidavit duly attested by Cl-1 magistrate and witnessed by two Ex-Servicemen of the same village and Sarpanch, No trace/ contact with Balbir Singh.
(d). Similar Certificate by Gram Panchayat.
(e). Indemnity Bond for repayment if Balbir Singh reappears.

3. We understand from the Army Gp Insurance Fund’s L/dt 23/10/08 to Palwinder Kaur that, Sep Balbir Singh had been declared deserter by his Unit & not missing/ presumed dead in due course of time. That’s why she is also not getting her full entitled Insurance coverage amount. Therefore, in the absence of proper publication of Part-II order/ Casualty, poor, uneducated, helpless & a widow is suffering from Family Pension release from last 18-19 years.

4. Therefore, You may kindly do the needful to complete the required documentation, so that the suffering widow Palwinder Kaur gets her over due Family Pension released. We shall also be relieved & highly obliged please.

Your’s Sincerely,
(Sign of Palwinder Kaur)
Copy to: (Lt Col SS Sohi, Retd). President,
1. Dir SW Pb & ZSB Fatehgarh.
2. All concerned. Ex-Services Grievances Cell (Regd).
5. Sir, Col TM Patnaik, CO 15 Sikh LI is not canceling Pt-II Order of Missing soldier/ ESM, even after 18/19 years, which was due for amendment after 7 yrs of occurrence. Therefore, you may kindly help the widow, now.

6. Brig BS Dhillon, last CO 15 Sikh LI is posted as G-1 (i) HQ 11 Corps is also fully responsible for her miseries.
Progress Action Report- I & II.

7. Sir, The name & loc of CO 15 Sikh LI was traced out & above SOS L/ dt 11/5/09 was written all over to Indian Army (once Records got held up). Then, CO 15 Sikh LI spoke to me on 21/5/09 & asked for NOC from the widow, which was sent to him promptly with a copy to records. So that necessary Part-II order can be published for release her of Fly Pen.

8. The attached DO letter dt 20/5/09 of CO 15 Sikh LI (Col TM Patnaik) to CRO (& copy to this NGO), has quoted para 14 of AO 1/2003, that its Record’s duty and unit had played its role? It also means that unit clk O2E in Records system do not exist? Col of the Regt is also requested to intervene & motivate Records not to harass lady any more.

9. Therefore, please sort out procedural aspects & help the widow for Family Pension. We shall be obliged please.

10. Col of The Regt. Sir, Records need your guidance to clear her prolonged Family Pension case and sufferings. Col SK Randev Dy Dir ZSB Fatehgarh Sahib also requested Records on 3/4/09 & 25/5/09 to expedite this Fly Pen case.
To: As above & MOD, EWD. (Lt Col SS Sohi, Retd).
Copy to: As above. Dated: 4/6/09 & 8/6/09.
11. Sir, Pr CDA (Pensions) Allahabad had fwd sheet Roll of late Sep Balbir Singh to Mr VK Gupta, (35066) Dy Director, AG’s Branch, Room No.216 Sena Bhawan New Delhi-11, vide their/ CDA Letter No.G4/1/04/ 11389/VII/128 dt 24/3/05. Meanwhile, CO 15 Sikh LI had asked for No Objection certificate on 22/6/09 from the Widow to declare her late husband Sep Balbir Singh, as presumed dead.

12. You may kindly do the needful to fwd clearance/ Documents to PCDA (P) & Records Sikh LI on priority, so that the above suffering widow may get some respite in life, now at least. We shall be obliged please.

13. Sir, AG Branch has kindly permitted her case to be progressed for Pension on the basis of long roll documents available. Therefore Records & PCDA are kindly requested to help the Widow Palwinder Kaur to release her long awaited Family Pension. It is info on 20/11/09 that the case is fwd to the PCDA(P) to release her Fly Pen. We shall be really obliged please.

Copy to: Col Of the Regt & all concerned. (Lt Col SS Sohi, Retd) Dt: 12/10/09,
13/11/09 & 20/11/09.
Progress Action Report-III.


14. Please ref above para 13. I was conveyed wrong/ misleading info by Records Sikh LI, that Fly Pen case of Palwinder Kaur have been fwd to PCDA(P) Allahabad after getting sanction of AHQ. Accordingly, I had requested Sub Area Allahabad on 4/11/09 to help lady for early release of her Pension. After checking progress with PCDA (P), Oi/c Def Pen Liaison Cell, Sub Area Allahabad, Col Pandey wrote on 10/12/09 to Oi/c Records SLI to fwd the claim papers of Pen case to PCDA(P) under info to them. So that, they do the needful help action, please.

15. Now, I have got a shocking info that Oi/c Records The Sikh LI has send a courier now on 21 Dec to AHQ for needful sanction of AHQ. God knows the truth, but we leave this to the higher authorities to find solution & resolve the very long pending Fly Pen case on priority, to help their own Def Widow at the earliest, please. She has done no crime but still suffering.

16. But, One thing is sure that, Santa Clause is not bringing any gift for unlucky widow Palwinder Kaur even after 19/20 year’s wait and she will again have nothing to celebrate on Happy New Year’s eve, along with grown up 3 children. Col Comdt of the Regt & CO 15 Sikh LI were suggested to send their Sub Majors to the widows house along with Rs one Lakh each, to show sympathies, concern & to compensate their prolonged ignoring of their own soldier’s widow. Therefore, we again request to listen to the silent cries of the helpless lady & do our duty to get her Fly Pen, the earliest.

To: As above. (Lt Col SS Sohi, Retd). President,
Copy to: As above. Ex-Servicemen Grievances Cell, Regd.

(source ; Sanjha morcha)

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  1. I feel pity for the widow of poor soldier. This definitely doe not happen in Pakistan Army. 18-20 years and pension not finalized? All the COs who have been in command of 15 Sikh LI deserve to be demoted and those retired, their pension need to be stopped to let them have a feel how it pinches.