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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


     The following is posted for the benefit of information of all veteran brothers:-
Dear Veterans

If you draw your pension thro SBI, and have internet banking log in details you can find your pension slip. Please log in and click on "Enquiries" then on "Pension Slip" select the year, month & Defence as category and submit.

For the information of the veterans having accounts with State Bank of India please note that their software had built in facility to generate both these documents at the CPPC level and the Branch has to using its email id access the CPPC and get the document..

So please ask for your dues by complaining at the highest level ALL BANKS AND ALL BRANCHES through internet.

If you donot have the log in details please approach your branch. It is simple and convenient.


Lt Col P N Krishnan

(e-mailed by Manimala, ex-JWO)

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