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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was informed recently that there is a million dollars award for solving each of the seven unsolved mathematical problems popularly known as millennium problems . While looking at the list, one realised that the problems one comes across daily are no less challenging and deserve a substantial award. For instance, the first obstacle of the day is in the morning, when every second counts. The challenge is to get up when the alarm rings without hitting the snooze button. I keep the alarm clock far away from my bed so that everyone else gets up and they in turn wake me up. I have studied traffic movement and driver psychology to save commuting time and optimally used the laws of least resistance on roads to beat the traffic jams and reach office not just on time but before my boss does. Once my boss is in office, its time to find ways of avoiding him. I have maintained excellent relations with his secretary to handle this.
The next problem is pleasing the boss at home by being a successful husband. This means earning more than what my wife can spend. While this seemed like a perpetual issue, one wriggled out of this by convincing my better half to be a successful wife by spending less than my income. I have realised that wealth is health when it comes to solving health problems, and have taken a good insurance policy paying a high premium. I was fortunate to come across this quote before my marriage, which solved my wealth problems: If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if your father-inlaw is poor, it is your mistake. When the days story is about to end, it is time to tell a bedtime story to my three-year-old daughter. I manage to put her to bed by narrating my days adventures, though concocting a new story for her every night is a near impossible task, which makes me doze off as well. I have learnt to embrace problems and say All Izz Well, what with problems providing me an outlet for my creativity.

BY- Prashanth Harish S


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