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Saturday, September 19, 2009


1.    SHRI PRABHJOT SINGH, PRESIDENT IESL PANJAB & C'GARH UNIT had sent the following message for the information of all Veterans, whichh may please be noted.


Dear Veterans Muthu Krishanan ad Gavini,

Regards.Find below an E-mail received from Col Sohi. The Punjab unit of IESM has dis-associated from IESM Delhi HQ. because IESM is not ding any useful job for the veterans,specially JCOs,SNCOs,NCOs and other ranks.You may like intimate the veterans of your area.

Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS Retd..


Subject: Fwd: Resolution--- IESM Punjab --- MOST IMPORTANT

1..  An IESM Pb Exec Committee mtg took place at Mohali[PB] ON 17 Sep 09, consisting of various ESM NGO/ Org.

2. Members felt that IESM HQ has been branded as a BJP oriented gp and gathering of like minded ESM around them. It is learnt that, Govt/MOD have refused to talk to IESM HQ, nor any forceful representation is seen going to Govt/MOD from IESM side.

3. Many good,selfless workers & ESM Org/Assn have been delinked from IESM HQ due to some reasons or the other.

4. After , All India Defence Brotherhood, All India ESM Org { PBORs }, now ESM Grievances Cell Mohali also feel let down from the ongoing attitudes of IESM HQ. Moreover the aim & mutual faith are not on the same track. We are accountable to our associated ESM/ Bodies of Punjab.

5. Therefore we all unanimously feel to delink IESM Punjab from the IESM HQ and would like to project our issues directly with the Govt /MOD, as done earlier from now onwards.

Col Sohi, IESM Coord Pb.


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