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Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Anonymous said...
All the Blogger Fraternity,

I am at pains to explain whatever sad state of affairs I have observed.

Look, as officers we were always Non-Caring, not bothered and almost ignorant of what we should be getting and what our men under our command must be getting. Any one talking about these including our higher ups were frawned upon as "Baniyas". There was a faith and unsuspecting environment in the Armed Forces that the Accountant in CDA will interprete the rules for you and whatever he does is the best.

That faith and ubderstanding prevailled upto the highest echleons of the Armed Forces including amongst successive Chiefs and hiher leadership. IAS in MoD knows much more and better than them and what ever he was doing was in the National interest and better for the Armed Forces and the Country.

It is very unfortunate, sad, bad and unforgiving that the IAS lobby and the accountants of the IDSA took all advantage of the faith and successively betryed the faith. The situation todya is "Every thing they do is bad".

After all who has been responsible for this loss of faith and unresolved Confrotatation. I would say both, our higher echleons as also MoD parafernalia. The compulsions of "Competetive Bueracracies" must have been well understood by our bosses who caved in at all stages unsuspectingly or because of share incompetence.

At the ground level, we as officers are supposed to know and find out each and every thing about the Pay, perks and entitlements of our men we command first and then about ourselves. Calling someone a "baniya" because one cares for his entitlement is sheer absurdity and wrong attitude. In fact neglecting that is sheer negligence.

I am rudely surprised to find out the level of ignorance amongst serving AF officers as also the Retired ones about Rules and Regulations governing them includin Pay and Perks. If an officer does not know it, he has no right to command.

We ourselves have provided opprtunities for our own downgardation. We are not firm because we are oblivious of knowledge of Rules and Regulations. We are not firm as to we have doubts about our place in the system and then in darkess we waver. Lack of firmness is due to our lack of knowledge and Competence.

So before Service officers blame others, they must improve on their knowledge. How many of you have taken on CDA (O) and confronted his staff and you are right and He is wrong. How many times has an officer bullicked a PAOR official for delay or wrong remittance to his company personnel.

If you can do it why crib. I know that firing the gun correctly is your priority, but welfare of your men (including his pay and perks) is eqaully your prime duty. One takes that oath while passing out.

The IAS in MoDand the IDAS men need to rubbed with their own salt. That salt happens to be Rules and Regulations. It is incumbant on all officers to know it better than others.

Please do not ask childish question which reflect very poorly on you. That shows where the root cause ouf exploitation of AF officers lie.

You all want to be equatted with IAS and IPS, well then prove worthy of it, at least at awareness level. If a DC starts banking on his PA (or his Company Clerk), well he will be out in five days if not less.

Wake up...



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  1. This officer has opened words from his heart, and it is true that we were dedicated to job, but failed in our personnel benefits, to land at t is situation.So let us not feel bad of others and be united to achieve what we are due for.