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Tuesday, September 29, 2009




 VNatarajan, President, Pensioners' Forum, Chennai has left a new comment on your post "EXCHANGE OF CORRESPONDENCE ON CoS REPORT APPROVAL ...":

Dear All

It is very easy to use common jargons and steer away from truth. For example, reg revsion of pay scale of Lt Gen., it is stated:

" (iii) Revision of Lt. General Pension after carving out a separate pay scale for them.

[These proposals emanate from Sixth CPC’s Report and are to be implemented w.e.f. 1.1.06)"

We are all at a loss to know wherefrom such a proposal emanated? In fact any such proposal was buried deep by the very pay commission in one of its recommendations to include the concerned scale of pay S30 in a Pay Band along with other lower scale(s).

There should be a sense of responsibility and acountability with respect to correct INTERPRETATION and IMPLEMENTATION of the SCPC's recommendations in letter and spirit. If this had been done, many of the problems could have been tackled/resolved "HONESTLY" and "OPENLY".Now devious DIVIDE & RULE / BACK-DOOR/ BEHIND THE SCREEN methods are being adopted to wriggle out of "FORCED" situations!.

 7:06 AM (2 hours ago)

VNatarajan has left a new comment on your post "EXCHANGE OF CORRESPONDENCE ON CoS REPORT APPROVAL ...":

Dear All
In contn of my post dt 27th Sept above (VNatarajan)

My friend PKR had gone further to get at the truth thru RTI in regard to the creation of the Scale S30 -say for Lt Gens etc. His query and the reply received are as follows:
dear all,
placed below is my RTI query and the reply from MOF:

Q. Wrt to recommendation (v) please furnish the extracts fo the SCPC recommendations from which the above recommendation of the COS is purported to have emenated , for the creation of the scale of 67000-79000, for addl Secretary/Lt generals , may kindly be forwarded.

R. This department does not posses in material form any recommendation of the 6th CPC regarding the creation of the scale of 67000-79000.


All of you know that the MOF is a signatory in the Report of COS>

Where are the ETHICS in Governance? How can the Pensioners have any faith in the whole system when the authorities "gang" up to deprive the pensioners their "minimum" rightful pensions? We have several instances of DICHOTOMY adopted by the authorities who matter- and the above ONE is one of the HIGHEST! VNatarajan


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