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Monday, September 28, 2009


          All Veteran Brothers are hereby informed to follow the undermentioned guidelines while petitioning their complaints on pension matters to PCDA(P) scrupulously:-



1. If you want to represent any problem to the office of PCDA (P) please furnish following information/particulars along with full details of your problem/grievance.

(i) Your name, Regt. No., Record Office/H.O.O. from where you retired.

(ii) P.P.O,. No. and date under which the pension was granted in your favour

(iii) Name of the P.D.A./Bank from where you are drawing your pension with saving bank/current account number.

(iv) TS/PS/HO number allotted to you (incase of DPDOs, Treasuries, Post Offices and PAOs).

Arrear of Pension:-

1. Pension undrawn for more than one year becomes time barred, which is paid only after sanction of the Competent Authority i.e. TO/PAO/DPDO. In the case of PSBs, the arrear claim on the prescribed form should be submitted to the bank to enable them to obtain the sanction of PCDA (P) Allahabad/CDA Chennai/CDA (PD) Meerut.
Joint Notification of Family Pension:-

1. The widow in whose favour the pension has been jointly notified should report the death of her husband to the P.D.A. and submit the death certificate to enable him to commence payment of family pension from the date following the date of death of her husband.

Nomination for LTA:-

1. Pensioners are advised to nominate their families in whose favour family pension has been jointly notified to enable her to receive lifetime arrears in case of his death. In case his wife is not alive he should nominate other members of his family to avoid inconvenience in obtaining Life Time Arrears by the Legal heirs.


Submit periodical certificates regarding re-employment/ employment/ earning widowhood to your P.D.A. on due dates in order to regulate your pension correctly.

Physically Handicapped Mentally Retarded Children:-

1. If you have any physically handicapped/mentally retarded child, you may apply to your HOO/RO/Army Hqrs. for making an endorsement in your service & pension record and keep the acknowledgement of this intimation.


1. You are advised to appear before the Re-Survey Board on due date as arranged by the Record-office. In case you fail to appear before R.S.M.B. for a long time, submit delay explanation alongwith non conviction and non-reemployment certificates to the R.O. for arranging a fresh R.S.M.B.

Rejection of Dis. Pension:-

In case disability pension is rejected, you may make an appeal to the Govt. of India within 6 months through Record Office, if you feel that the disability in your case is due to service factors. Similarly family of the deceased can also make an appeal, if the claim for special family pension is rejected.

Family Members:-

1. If a pensioner has married after discharge or has children born after discharge, or wife/children have died report the matter with full details and certificates (birth/death/marriage/remarriage) to Record Office/Head of the Office for record in Kindred Roll portion of Sheet-roll/Service Book in order to avoid any difficulty in the event of need.

2. If joint notification of family pension has not been done in your case, apply to your P.D.A. on the proper form to enable him to process the joint notification of F.P. through R.O./H.O.O., A.H.Qrs.

Two Pensions:-

If a pensioner is in receipt of more than one pension, he should furnish full details to the P.D.A. for revision of both the pensions and regulating dearness relief on both the pensions

Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension:-

1. Commuted portion of pension will be restored by the P.D.A. on his own without obtaining any order from this office after obtaining requisite application after 15 years from the date of first payment or from the date pension was reduced in case of subsequent commutation. Convicted Pensioner:-

If a pensioner is convicted or sentenced to imprisonment by a Court, his pension will be suspended. He should submit the copy of the Court order to the PDA to enable him to report the matter to this office for obtaining the orders of the Competent Authority. On release from the Jail he should report the matter to the P.D.A. and submit the requisite documents to enable him to refer the matter to this office for obtaining the orders of the C.E.A. for restoration of his pension.

Annual Identification:-

1. A life certificate is required to be produced by the pensioner, who is unable to appear due to bodily illness or infirmity and desires payment through a representative once in the month of November each year.

2. Pensioners who are receiving payment from PSBs and D.P.D.Os should appear before the P.D.A. once each year in the month of November for identification

Court Attachment:-

1. No pension whether due or to become due can be attached by process of any Court until it has actually been paid as per pension Act XXII of 1871.

2. No pensioner can assign or sell any interest in respect of the pension not then due.

Insane Pensioner:-

1. If a pensioner becomes insane, his dependents should obtain a certificate from the Magistrate and produce the pension certificate and life certificate for drawing pension. If the pensioner is lodged in an asylum the cost of pensioner's maintenance will be paid by the dependents to the asylum authorities as per orders of the Court on an application by the asylum authorities under the provisions of section 25 of Lunacy Act.

Payment of Dearness Relief:-

Group 'A' officers are not entitled to dearness relief during re-employ under a Govt. office/company/Corporation/Undertaking/Autonomous body. PBORs are entitled for dearness relief during re-employment under above organizations subject to production of a certificate from his re-employer that his pay has been fixed at the minimum of the scale of the post on which he has been re-employed and his entire amount of pension has been ignored in fixation of pay on re-employment. Drawal of Pension Through Agent:-

Pensioners who desire to draw pension while residing outside India may open a non-resident account in any of the Scheduled Public Sector Banks in India. He should execute a power of attorney in India before proceeding Ex.India on a non-judicial stamp paper or on a plain paper affixed with adhesive stamp paper of appropriate value, before the Notary Public or any Magistrate. The pensioner shall furnish life certificate once a year through High Commission/Embassy of that Country where he/she resides. If he has changed his nationality in Country other than South Africa and Israel. Sanction of this office will be required through his P.D.A. for continuation of his pension.

Release of Withheld Gratuity:-

1. The withheld amount of D.C.R.G. is payable after six months from the date of retirement without any authorisation from this office.

2. If a pensioner desires to get his pension account transferred from one P.D.A. to another in India, he is required to submit an application to his present P.D.A. No application is required to be submitted to this office. Transfer of pension accounts outside India is not permissible.

Commutation of Pension:-

Commuted portion of pension is required to be reduced from pension from the date of payment or after 3 months from the date of issue of P.P.O. and in the case of P.S.Bs from the date, capitalised sum is credited to the pensioners' account. If the commuted portion of pension is not reduced as above, please point out to the P.D.A. to avoid heavy recovery at a later stage.

Loss of Documents:-

1. In case P.P.O. is lost in transit before receiving first payment, PDA should be approached to furnish loss certificate to the Pension Sanctioning Authorities for issue of duplicate copy of the P.P.O.

2. In case pension certificate is lost before receiving first payment, Pension Sanctioning Authority may be approached through respective Record Office/Head of the office for issue of duplicate Pension Certificate.

3. In case pension certificate is lost, exhausted, mutilated after receiving first payment, P.D.A. should be approached to issue duplicate/additional copy of Pension Certificate.

Receipt of Pension Papers:-

1. Pension sanctioning authorities send the PPOs to the respective Record Offices in respect of PBORs, Heads of the office in respect of Defence Civilians and to the Pension Disbursing Authorities in respect of Commissioned officers.

2. Record offices send the PPOs along with the Descriptive Rolls to the desired P.D.A. with a copy to the pensioners along with Pension Certificates. Similarly Heads of the offices send the PPOs and the Pension certificates to the PDAs with a copy to the Pensioners. PPOs along with descriptive particulars in respect of commissioned officers are sent directly to the PDAs under intimation to the officers.

3. On receipt of Call letter from the PDAs or within reasonable time, the pensioners should report to the PDA for receiving first payment. The pensioners are required to produce pension certificate/intimation letter received from the Head of office/RO/PSA as the case may be to the P.D.A.

Missing Pensioner:-

1. In case a pensioner is missing, his family should lodge an F.I.R. with the police authorities. If the pensioner is not traced after one year she should obtain a certificate from the police authorities and report the matter to the PDA and submit the required documents i.e. Indemnity Bond to him to enable him to submit the case to this office for sanction of family pension from the date of lodging F.I.R.


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