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Tuesday, September 29, 2009




BABS said...

HI all SNCOs . we have been denied our status as SNCOS by the arbitary action of the 6cpc of dumping us in PB 1.This action by 6cpc and subsequent approval by GOI has caused wide spread heartburn among the sergeants of the IAF and other two services. the railways and some other ministries have already rectified the anomaly but the MOD is yet to I enjoin upon the GOI MOD to take a favorable decision in tis regard to keep the SNCOS morale up.sergeants of group x had a starting asalary of 5000 in the old scale and on multification by 1.86 [the pay commision factor] will surely place them in PB-2 by all means.The rational under this assessment by the 6 cpc is not understood as most of the sergeants are skilled workers with around 10 years of service. Normally they are equated to ASI of police and junior engineers [diploma] in the civil parlace.Now the dcision to dump them along with the lowest pay band warrants urgent rectification. The million dollar question is how can a soldier who is employed in manitenance of sophisticated aircrafts, missiles , and submarines be dumped in PB-1. THERE IS WIDESPREAD RESENTMENT among the serving as well as retired SNCOs in the matter as can be seen from the comments in almost all defence related blogs.I would like to exhort all ex. org. if they are worth their salt to take up the issue at appropriate levels


Daya Nand Sharawat
Sep 23, 2009 at 4:18 PM


1. I am extremely happy that you are vigorously highlighting the cause of PBOR pensioners. Since the implemention of the 6th CPC it is seen that the and the pension issue of PBOR has been neglected.

2. I am enclosing my views on the issue. I hope you will give due consideration and publish the same in your blog.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
EX Sub DN Sharawat


1. One year has passed since the implementation of the 6th CPC. When the 6th CPC recommendations were implemented, the Services HQ has raised four issues as major anomalies concerning Defense personnel. Three issues were related to the Officers regarding enhancement of pay and grade pay and one was related to PBOR regarding restoration of extant pensionery benefits reduced by the 6th CPC.
2. Now is the time to take stock of all the above four issues. All the issues pertaining to Officers have been resolved and necessary notification issued. But the only issue of PBOR which was just to maintain the status quo regarding pension fixation formula is still pending. There was a lot of hue and cry and MOD officials were being blamed for causing the delay till the issues of Officers were not resolved. But once the notification of placing Lt Cols in pb-4 and granted hag to Lt Gens issued, all voices fell silent. Nothing has been heard regarding enhancement of PBOR pension. It seems that the inclusion of PBOR pension issue was only symbolic.

3. Various news agencies have reported during Sep 08 that the Govt has agreed in principle for granting extant pensionery benefits to Jawans as hitherto. But even after one year Jawans are waiting the notification of pension table.. It is still not known as to what is stopping mod in notifying pension table when the same has been accepted one year back. We are not worried on the part of mod for causing this inordinate delay but are disheartened to see that officers class is silent on the issue.

4, When all the Central Govt pensioners are getting their enhanced pension as per 6th CPC since Sep 08, lakhs of armed forces Jawans retired after 01 jan 2006 are still getting pension as per old scales ie. as per 5th CPC. Even the banks are not granting them DA since last year on the plea that the current DA is on the revised rate of pension whereas pension of Jawans retired after 01 Jan 2006 is still on the old scale. Pensioners of all other Central Govt departments will get their complete arrear since 01 Jan 2006 by the end of this month, but for the Armed Forces jawans who retired after 01 Jan 2006, leave alone the arrear , they even don’t know what their pension will be. Have the officers accepted such treatment if meted out to them?

5. Even on the OROP issue nothing has come out in black and white as yet, still voices are being raised to stall its notification saying that it pertains to Jawans only. Officer’s contention is that Jawans and officers be counted as one category for grant of OROP. The main plea behind grant of OROP is early retirement. Officers start retiring after attaining the age of 54 whereas majority of the Jawans retire before attaining the age of 45. Furthermore, pension fixation formula for Officers and Jawans is different. However, all will be happy if Offrs also get OROP. But, instead of projecting their case only, Offrs should show sensitivity to the issues of Jawans also.

6. As per the 6th CPC pay band , a washerman, safaiwala, cook, mess waiter of the same rank will draw the same pay as a clerk, storekeeper, tech pers , inf soldier and even AEC instruction in gp ‘y’. It is not that tradesmen should get less pay but the point is that the pay should be fixed as per the nature of the job and qualification attached to the rank and trade. Further, all officers pick up the rank of Lt Col on completion of 13 years of service and placed in PB 4, whereas majority of the Jawans enrolled as Sepoy remain HAV till 24 years of service and remain in same PB 1 for 24 years. Still, these issues don”t merit consideration

7. So, it is time that issues of Jawans be addressed in true spirit and MOD be expedited to issue necessary notification of pension table as the Jawans who have retired after 01 Jan 2006 and still retiring have already incurred huge financial loss on this count, as their commutation of pension is also held up.


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