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Sunday, October 4, 2009


         The extracts of Air HQ/Railway Board /Air India letters on the concessions available to the AF personnel and their families is posted below for the information of all Veteran Brothers:-

Tele: 7162                Air Headquarters (VB)
                                New Delhi - 110 011

Air HQ/23483/5/1/PS(Wel)   28 May 2004
Air Force Association
AF Stn, Race Course Camp

Issue of First Class/Second AC Sleeper Complementary Card Pass to the Recipients and Widows of winers of Gallantry Awards

1. Reference is made to your letter No. AFA/ASSO/124 dated 19 Mar 2004.

2. The clarification sought by you on the subject is as under:-

(a) Ist class/IInd AC Tier Complementary Cards Passes are issued by the Indian Rlys Authorities to the recipients of Gallantry Awards (SPECIALLY FOR CHAKRA SERIES AWARDS). This facility ceases after the death of the awardees.

(b) The facility for issue of complementary card pass to the widow of posthumous awardees' remain continue.

3. For availing this facility the awardee himself/widow of posthumous Awardee has to apply for issue of one Card on plain paper to the Indian Rlys Authorities concerned along with 2 photos (passport size) and service certificate.

(ST Rajan)
Jt Dir (Wel)
Dte of PS
For Chief of Air Staff

Encl: As above.
Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board RBE NO. 18/96)

NO.E(W) 96 PS P-6/22 New Delhi dtd 23.02.1996

The General Managers
All Indian Railways

Sub: Issue of First Class/II AC Sleeper Complimentary Card Passes to Recipients of Gallantry Award and Widows of winners of Gallantry Awards

1. The Ministry of Railways have decided to issue Ist Class AC 2 Tierr complimentray card passes to recipients of gallantry awards like Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakram Vir Chakra and to the widows of posthumous gallantry award winners, along with a companion. The pass will be available for travel from any railway station to any railway station on the Indian Railways except on Metro Railway, Calcutta. The pass will not be available by Rajdhani and Shatabdi Expresses. The pass will be issued valid for one year from the date of issue.

2. The passes will be issued by the Office of the Divisional Railway Manager and Headquarters Office of the Railways on receipt of an application on plain paper from the r3ecipient of the gallantry award or the widow of the posthumous winner of gallantry award giving the following details:-

Name of the recipient of gallantry award (in block letters)

Residential Address

Attested photocopy of citation of the gallantry award.

In case of widows of posthumous winners of gallantry award, attested copy of Pension Payment Order should also be enclosed along with photo identity card issued by local office of the Ministry of Defence.

Two copies of recent passport size photographs of the recipient of the such awards or the widows of the posthumous awardee in the case may be attested by a gazetted officer should be enclosed with the application.

3. Suitable instructions may kindly be issued in this regard to all concerned.

4. Suitable and adequate publicity may be given regarding the issue of the complimentary card passed to the recipients of gallantry awards.

5. This issues with concurrence of the finance Director of Ministry of Railways.

6. Please acknowledge receipt.

(R Sethuraman)
Jt Director Establishment (Welfare)
Railway Board

Indian Airlines Limited
(Commercial Headquarters)

From:                                To
Director Commercial          General Managers Commercial
Indian Airlines Limited.       Indian Airlines Limited.
New Delhi                         Eastern/Southern/Northern/Western Region/CSC

Ref. No. HCD/8-R/260 Date 11th June, 2001 Circular No. 1385 (Tariffs)

Clarifications on Armed Forces and Other Related Discounts

Many queries have been received by us on the grant of discounts to various categories of Armed Forces and Police Personnel. We give below the clarification of the various queries received by us.

Query (i) Are Retired Para Military Personnel entitled to the Discount?

Clarification: (i) : The discount is offered only to those Personnel of Para Military Forces who are in active service. Retired Para Military Personnel are not entitled to the discount.

Query (ii) : Are Retired Police Personnel who are recipients of Police Medals for Gallantry entitled to 75% Discount?

Clarification (ii) : Yes, Retired Police Personnel who are recipients of Police Medals for Gallantry are entitled to 75% Discount.

Query (iii) : The level of discount to be offered to Armed Forces Personnel who are in active Service (from Indian Navy, Air Force, Army) and are Recipients of Highest Bravery Awards.

Clarification (iii) : Only those Armed Forces Personnel who are in active service and are also the Recipients of Highest Bravery Awards (Level I and II ) are entitled to 75% discount. All other Armed Forces Personnel are entitled to 50% discount only.

Query (iv) : The level of Discount to be offered to the family members of the Disabled Officers?

Clarification: (iv) : The level of Discount for family members of all eligible categories of Armed Forces and associated Personnel (including Disabled Officers) is 50%, irrespective of the level of discount offered to the concerned officer.

It may please be noted that Family Members of only following categories are eligible for the discount:

(i) Armed Forces Personnel (from Indian Navy, Air Force, Army)
(ii) General Reserve Engineering Force (GREF)
(iii) War Disabled Officers
(iv) Paramilitary Forces:
- Border Security Force (BSF)
- Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
- Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
- Central Industrial Security Force(CISF)
- Railway Protection Force (RPF)
- National Security Guard (NSG)
- Assam Rifles
- Coast Guards
- Intelligence Bureau

Query (v) : Are the widows of Posthumous Recipients of Bravery Awards/Gallantry Awards and other categories eligible for the discount.

Clarification: (v) : No. Only War Widows of Armed Forces Personnel (from Indian, Navy, Air Force, and Army) are eligible for discount.

Please advise all concerned.

(Neera Manchanda)
For Director Commercial

CC: G.M (F), N.R./W.R/E.R/S.R/CRA
CC: G.M. (Sales), (CS/Admn/TS), (A&I)
CC: Principal, CTC, HYD., Govt. Audit Party, Hqrs.
CC: Chief Manager Marketing, Alliance Air
CC: Dy. G.M. (Raj Bhasha), IAL, Hqrs. - For hindi translation

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