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Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Service conditions of Defence Personnel are extremely, exacting, tough, rigorous and peculiar to the Services. To maintain a fit and youthful profile, defence personnel particularly of lower ranks are retired at a young age with limited pension, saddled with pending domestic responsibilities. The Army’s engagement in counter-insurgency operations in J&K and the North East has also resulted in casualties every year, leaving behind widows and children in need of support.

To encourage higher technical and professional educational for the wards of widows and Ex-servicemen of Armed Forces, it has been decided to introduce a new scholarship scheme known as the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme from the Academic Year 2006-07.

Persons eligible for the Scholarship

Wards of Ex-servicemen and their widow(below Officer rank)

•Wards of widows of Ex-servicemen died in harness due to causes attributed to military service

•Widows of Ex-servicemen died in harness

•The scheme is open only for widows and unmarried wards of Ex-servicemen/widows. However, marriage/re-marriage at a subsequent date would not disqualify the awardee.

Order of Perference

If the number of applications for scholarship exceeds the approved number of scholarships, the orders of preference for allotment of scholarships will be as under:-

Category1 Wards/widows of defence personnel killed in action

Category 2 Wards of Ex-servicemen disabled in action and boarded out of service with disability attributable to military service

Category 3 Wards/Widows of defence personnel who died while in service for causes attributable to military service.

Category 4 Wards/Widows of Defence personnel disabled in service with disability attributable to military service.

Category 5 Wards of Ex-servicemen in receipt of gallantry awards

Category 6 Wards of Ex-servicemen (PBOR)

Courses eligible for scholarship

First professional degree program in engineering, medicine, dental, veterinary, MBA,MCA, etc., duly recognized by the respective Government regulatory bodies, such as All India Council for Technical education, Medical Council of India etc.

The scheme is open for courses mentioned above in recognized institutions irrespective of its location in the country vis-a vis the residence/domicile of the wards of the ESM/Widows.

Academic Requirement

At least 60% marks at the 10+2 level for the initial sanction. For renewal in subsequent years, 50% marks each year.


Two to five years as approved by the concerned regulatory body for that program.


The amount of scholarship would be as follows:

•Rs.1250/- per month for boys

•Rs.1500/- per month for girls

The payment of scholarship will be granted after the successful completion of each academic year, as per the percentages mentioned in the academic requirement.

Note: The amount of scholarship including any other scholarship of financial assistance from any other source will not exceed the total amount of scholarship available under this scheme.


Once the scholarship is awarded, the candidate is required to apply for renewal of scholarship for the subsequent year in the prescribed proforma alongwith a certificate form the College/Institute indicating that the candidates continues to study in the subject course and State of Marks indicating the percentage.


i.Completed application are to be dispatched directly to Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board, Wing No.5, West Block-IV, RK Puram, New Delhi-110 066, so as to reach by 31 August every year.

ii.Incomplete application forms and applications received after the specified date will NOT be considered. A wrong or misleading entry will lead to rejection of the application. Any deletion/correction should be initialed by the applicant himself/herself.

iii.Receipt of only those applications received by the due date will be acknowledged. Late receipted applications will not be processed.

iv.Selected applicants will be informed directly by the Kendriya Sainik Board.

v.Two stamped self addressed envelopes of 27x12 cms are to be attached with each application so as to facilitate acknowledgement of receipt of the application form.

vi.The scheme is open for widows and unmarried wards of ESM/widows. However, marriage/remarriage subsequently would not disqualify a person.

vii.The scholarship is admissible for two children only per family. Therefore, particulars of all children should be indicated in appropriate column.

viii.If an applicant granted scholarship on the basis of statement made in the application si at any subsequent date foung to have made false statement in any respect, both the wards of ESM/widow will forfeit the scholarship and no application from the ESM/widows would be entertained in future. In addition, the scholarship already granted would also have to be refunded.

ix.The attested photocopies of the supporting documents duly attested both by the Secretary, Rajya/Zilla Sainik Board and OIC Records, in case of validly adopted sons/daughters prior to the death of the deceased are to be attached with application form.

x.If the marks in the qualifying examination are expressed in grades only, then equivalent percentage(100 point scale) duly certified by the concerned Board must be furnished.

xi.All wards receiving scholarship will open individual bank accounts in the principal bank designated by the institute concerned.

xii.The wards should have secured a minimum of 60% marks at 10+2 level or equivalent in first attempt and continue to secure minimum of 50% marks uninterrupted for continuation of scholarship in every year for duration of courses ranging for a maximum period of 2 to 5 years as prescribed for that program of study. A person having been granted scholarship for one program would not be entitled for scholarship for another program.

xiii.Scholarship is meant for Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Engineering/MCA,MBA and other professional program recognized by the concerned government regulatory body for the program such as AICTE,UGC,Medical Council of India etc.

xiv.The scheme is open for courses mentioned above in recognized institutions irrespective of its location in the country vis-a vis the residence/domicile of the wards of the ESM/widows.

xv. The rate of scholarship would be Rs.1250/- per month for boys and Rs.1500/- for girls for the course as per duration mentioned in para(xii) above.

xvi.The payment of scholarship will be granted after the successful completion of each academic year, as per the percentages mentioned in “Criteria for eligibility”.

xvii.The payment for the scholarship will be centrally made by KSB directly, through account payee cheques, to be credited in personal account of the individual ward or through electronic clearing system.

xviii.If the number of applications exceeds the approved number of scholarship, the selection will be made on the basis of order of preference indicated in para 2.2 above.

xix.The amount of scholarship including any other scholarship of financial assistance from any other source should not exceed the total grant of assistance available under this scheme.

xx.The Ministry of Defence, Government of India can suitably modify these instructions to remove difficulties, if any, for successful implementation of the scheme, as may be necessary from time to time.

xxi.The decision of Secretary,KSB with regard to the admissibility of the scholarship to the wards of Ex-servicemen/widows from Armed Forces shall be final.

xxii.Ex-servicemen entitlement will be governed as per the existing definition of Ex-servicemen as may be amended from time to time.

xxiii.The application form can also be downloaded from the official websidte i.e.,   However, in case the applicant submits the application in the downloaded form, the same will be accompanied by a Demand Draft or Indian Postal Order for Rs.30/- in favour of Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board, New Delhi.

Download the Application form for  PM.S SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME FOR EX-SERVICEMEN/WIDOWS 2008-09

(SOURCE : Dept.of Sainik Welfare, AP)

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