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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


1. In accordance with the contents of Article 14, this piece of writing is to throw light on similarly circumstanced country men who cannot be and must not be arbitrarily divided or categorized or classified by the state for debarring some of them from the benefits whenever announced by the Govt. Efforts are made to explain that already existing classifications/categories of pensioners are founded on an intelligible differentia which distinguishes pensioners that are grouped together. Whenever and wherever, the state has ever made any deceptive efforts to further classify the pensioners for its own financial or any other interest, but that was against pensioners in financial or in any other manners, it was checked by the Law of the Land. Many of the courts of the country including the Apex court of India always stood by Article 14, which forbade the Govt. from doing so. Article 14 is therefore specifically incorporated in the constitution to ensure fairness and equality of treatment to all the countrymen of the nation, so that all of them are treated alike both in privileges conferred and liabilities imposed by the state or any of the state’s authorities.


2. Article 14 of the constitution strikes at arbitrariness of the State action and ensures fairness and equality of treatment to all the country men of India. This article is attracted where equals are treated differently without any reasonable basis. The principle making the guarantee compulsory and obligatory is that all persons similarly circumstanced shall be treated alike both in privileges conferred and liabilities imposed. Equal laws would have to be applied to all the persons happened to be in the same situation and there should be no discrimination between one class of persons from the other classes of similar persons as regards the subject-matter of the legislation, their position is substantially the same.

3. The Article 14 further explicitly and unambiguously forbids class division by the state. This Article, unequivocally explains that the classification already made is founded on an intelligible differentia which distinguishes persons or things that are grouped together from those that are left out of the group and that differentia must have a rational to the object sought to be achieved by the statute in question.


4. It is well known that the pension is a right and not a bounty or gratuitous benefit. The payment of pension does not depend upon the discretion of the Government alone but it is governed as per the constitution of the nation and by the rules framed by the parliament. Thus, a government servant coming within the preview of those rules is entitled to claim the pension.


5. Since inception of defense forces, the defense pensioners have just in one class; irrespective of ranks they wear i.e. retired defense personnel called ex-servicemen or defense pensioners. Whenever the pensionary benefits were ever enhanced by the Govt., these have been made applicable to all the pensioners, irrespective of their dates of retirements or ranks they wore.

6. Factually, Just to partially approving the concept of OROP and denying the benefit to a large number of defense pensioners, the Govt. of India have divided one united and unified the homogeneous class of ex-servicemen/defense pensioners in number of classes as under:

7. Firstly: Post 2006 defense pensioners and secondly: Pre-2006 defense pensioners. Such a division was never made earlier for affording any pensionary benefit to a few of them and debarring all others after any of the Central Pay Commissions.

8. The pre-2006 defense pensioners have been further divided in other two classes; Firstly: Pre-1997 defense pensioners and secondly: Post 1997 defense pensioners upto Dec 31 2005. Even such a division was never made earlier for affording any pensionary benefit to a few of them and debarring a large number of all others after any of the Central Pay Commissions.

9. They have once again divided the defense pensioners in other two classes: Firstly, defense pensioners that of personnel below officers’ ranks (PBOR) and secondly, defense pensioners of officers’ ranks, in spite of the fact that they always have been a unified class of es-servicemen/ex-defense pensioners. This too has never happened in the past that one part of defense pensioners is to be given enhanced pensionary benefits and other ones are to be denied/debarred.

10. Like-wise, the govt. just to re-introduce the pro rata clause of 33 years, have also divided all pensioners i.e. the defense pensioners as well as civilian central govt. pensioners in two classes: Firstly, the present pensioners i.e. post 2006 pensioners to give full pension on completion of 20 years service, and secondly, pre-2006 pensioners to re-fix their pension on the bases of completion of 33 years of service, in spite of the fact that 6th CPC has completely removed this earlier existing clause. The division of pensioners in this manner is just for applying pro rata of 33 years, only i.e. in the case of pre-2006 pensioners alone, though this clause stand removed by the 6th CPC. However, even such a division was never made earlier for affording any pensionary benefit to some of the pensioners, while others are to be denied after any of the Central Pay Commissions.

11. It seems if the govt. has divided the pensioners with ulterior, underhanded, mysterious and inexplicable motive so that none of the large number of pensioners can put forth their grievances unitedly.

12. It is surprising to note that our own Govt have adopted this sort of a policy of dividing even the defense pensioners who have been nation’s bravest heroes, most sincere, honest, loyal, faithful, obedient, dutiful, submissive, docile, tractable, and disciplined soldiers during their service. They served the nation in most hostile, unfavourable conditions and difficult terrains on its border to safe guard its safety and security. They fought against external and internal enemies, without caring of their own life as well as future of their families and children. The Govt must have done not so, rather, must have some soft corner to do justice to the pensioners, especially to the defense pensioners, who have given their entire prime youth in service of the nation.


13. It is that of paramount importance that soldiers’ welfare while they are serving as well after their retirement must be taken care of, so that they do not have to worry, vacillate, remain anxious, agonize, and lose sleep and their proficiency, competence, performance, drive and morale is never effected adversely. If it is not done, the morale, self-confidence, self-esteem, and buoyancy of the soldiers are most likely to be effected adversely. Considering the conditions a soldier is required to serve, nature of his duties and expectations from him, suitable candidate may not like to join the forces, which will not in the national interest and may prove to be disastrous and catastrophic at some unknown stage.


14. Principally, the concept of ONE RANK ONE PENSION (OROP) implies that, all the defense personnel, who have retired or will be retiring from the same rank/post with the same length of service, should always get same amount of pension, irrespective of their past or future dates of retirements and total length of service they rendered or will render for the national security.

15. The demand of One Rank One Pension (OROP) had been pending since decades. The govt. has divided the defense personnel in number of classes just to debar a large number of them from the concept and benefit of entitlement of One Rank One Pension (OROP) before its approval.

16. Astonishingly, the Govt. of India while approving the concept of One Rank One Pension, have completely ignored, unobserved, disregarded, overlooked and by passed the contents of Article 14 of the constitution of the country as well as judgements of the Apex court and various other courts of the country.

17. The demand of “One Rank One Pension (OROP)” of defense personnel is long outstanding and has been raised time and again by the defense personnel/pensioners. Unfortunately and regrettably, all the preceding CENTAL PAY COMMISSIONS (CPCs) and the Governments have been shying away, refusing, declining,, throwing out, denying, and thrusting aside this legitimate demand for decades. It is mentioned with anguish, agony, pain, grief and distress that it had been happening despite the fact that main national political parties of the country like National Congress Party and Bhartia Janta Party, have been including this demand in their previous election manifestoes. This subject was also included in the President’s address in the Parliament in 2004, thereby making One Rank One Pension (OROP) the declared policy of Government (not that of any particular political party).

18. The National Congress party and Bhatia Janta party had incorporated in their election manifesto before the preceding general election to approve the concept of providing One Rank One Pension, the long outstanding demand of defense pensioners. None of the political party mentioned that the concept of OROP will be approved in the case of a few of the defense pensioners by dividing them in various classes. Accordingly, the issue was taken up by the present UPA Govt from the very beginning on assuming the power of its second tenure.

19. Nevertheless, it is most disappointing to note that while approving One Rank One Pension benefit, a large number of the defense pensioners “personnel below officers ranks” and all the defense pensioners of the officer’ ranks have been debarred/left out of this legitimate benefit and approved in case of some of them. It is regretted that while approving OROP, the defense pensioners have been divided in number of classes by the govt. just to debar a large number of them from the concept of One Rank One Pension benefit. From the action of dividing the defense pensioners in such a manner, it can be clearly seen that the govt. has totally violated, disregarded, ignored, unobserved, overlooked and by passed the contents of the Article of the constitution of the country.

20. The UPA Govt. must fulfill their promise, assurance and pledge since it was incorporated in their manifesto/agenda of providing OROP in totality for all the past, present and future defense personnel/pensioners without dividing them in various classes as has been presently done.

21. As a result of the most undesired action of dividing the defense pensioners, they feel to have been cheated, disenchanted, let down, embittered and disillusioned by the govt. It was never expected and imagined that the present govt. could do such a great injustice to them and it would approve the concept of One Rank One Pension benefit just for a few of the defense pensioners and a large number of them would be excluded and debarred from this long awaited legitimate demand. The govt. and the concerned authorities therefore have done a most heinous, monstrous, atrocious, odious, shocking, wicked and scandalous act of debarring the old soldiers from getting their long awaited due.

22. It is regretted with extreme pain, distress and anguish to point out that by dividing the defense pensioners in number of classes in such a deceitful manner, the govt. seem to have treated the left out defense pensioners from the approved preview of One Rank One Pension as if the debarred defense pensioners have been disloyal, or discarded, or undisciplined, or traitors, or conspirators, or collaborators, or defectors, or deserters, or spies, or double agents, or turncoats. If it is not so, no govt. could ever think of meting such a shabby, scruffy, dilapidated, grungy, disgraceful, shameful, shocking, outrageous, scandalous, dishonorable, discreditable, reprehensible, appalling, biased, prejudiced, unfair, bigoted, inequitable and discriminatory treatment to any of the defense pensioners.

23. The debarred defense forces pensioners wish to ask the present Govt. and the concerned authorities to reply to the question: Does any of the authorities who approved such an awful, appalling, shocking, evil, wicked, depraved, brutal, and abysmal action of dividing the defense pensioners in such a deceitful, cunning, devious and deceitful manner and debarring a large number of them from the benefit of OROP have any answer of the following questions in support of their misdeed, transgression and misdemeanor:

a. Are the remaining debarred defense pensioners for whom benefit of One Rank One Pension has not been approved are not the ex-defense personnel and did they not serve the nation, may they be officers or PBOR of pre-1997 period and the officers of post 1997 period?

b. Did all the debarred defense pensioners when in service of their beloved motherland not fight and many of them not give their lives while fighting against the external and internal enemies, whose families and children have suffered and are still suffering till date?

c. Could the defense forces pensioners served or fought the wars/battles against the enemies without the officers or can it be possible ever in future?

d. Have the defense pensioners who have been debarred from the benefit of OROP not served the nation like other soldiers for whom the concept of OROP has been approved?

e. Were the deprived defense pensioners not sincere, honest, loyal, faithful, obedient, dutiful, submissive, docile, tractable, and disciplined soldiers while they were in service of their beloved country?

f. Did the deprived defense pensioners not give their prime youth and some of them their lives in service of the nation while they were in service?

24. The whole nation in general and the debarred defense pensioners in particular would like to know the answers of the above questions and similar many more questions. It is felt that no concerned authorities can ever answer the above questions.

25. It seem that the authorities think that all the debarred officers and some PBOR are from the royal families like Maharaja Bhawani Singh who did not take his pay except Rupee one as his salary. Hence, they need not get the benefit of OROP.

26. OR, they think that the debarred officers and PBOR pensioners are multi millionaires/billionaires like politicians who keep spending in crores for fighting elections, hence they are not required to give the benefit of OROP. Surprisingly, all the MPs, irrespective any amount of wealth they possess, even then they get full pension for each and all of their tenures for any amount of period they remain MPS, where as the defense pensioners are denied full pension/OROP for their such a long service to the nation.

27. It is emphatically and vigorously pointed out that such an action of dividing the defense pensioners and debarring a large number of the existing pensioners is that of denial of equal benefit for fixation of pension for the pre-2006 defense pensioners including defense officers’ pensioners. Such a division of defense pensioners is the explicit case of arbitrary introduction of words of limitation as per Article 14. There is nothing immutable and incontrovertible about the choosing of an event as an eligibility criterion subsequent to a specified date. As the event is certain but its occurrence may have happened to be at a different point of time, it is considered wholly irrelevant and arbitrary, having an undesirable effect of dividing a homogeneous class of defense pensioners and creating discrimination among them, which can be easily severed and set aside by any court of the country.

28. The Govt. is fully aware of the contents of Article 14 and its requirement/importance. It seems that the govt. by dividing the defense pensioners has intentionally and deliberately violated and disregarded the spirit of Article 14 as it has completely ignored, unobserved, overlooked and by passed its contents. It is therefore just and proper that the words introducing the arbitrary and fortuitous circumstances which are vulnerable as denying equality be severed and struck down by the govt. with immediate effect.

29. It is strongly felt that if the govt. still justify their action of dividing the defense pensioners and debarring a large number of them from getting the benefit of OROP, in that case, it is suggested with anguish that all the debarred defense pensioners who are considered a fit case for their disqualification and debarring then from giving the benefit of One Rank One Pension; it is better “all of them be shot dead or hanged, so that none of them are required to be paid any amount of their pension”, rather than wounding and insulting them in such a heinous and atrocious manner.


30. As mentioned at para 10 above, the DP&T (P&PW have retained the clause of pro rata of 33 years, quoting; it is as per pension regulations of 1972. The pension regulations were originally framed afresh at that time when number of clauses were incorporated in these regulations. It may be noted that most of the clauses have undergone changes since thereafter.

31. It is clear that the pension is admissible to the eligible employees in accordance with the pension regulations of 1972. The pension regulations of 1972 lay down as to: How much should be the pension, how it is to be calculated, when it is to be revised, how much and when it is to be revised, after how long one should be entitled, how it is re-fixed e.t.c. These regulations are being changed periodically since 1972. Nevertheless, these have always been uniformly applied category-wise/class-wise, but class/category was never further divided to give benefit to some and deny the others. Rather, it has always been done without any discrimination. However, if the Govt. ever divided the category or class of employees for whatever reasons that happened to be against the interest of some pensioners, the courts of the land always struck down such divisions. Hence, in view of the fact that 6th CPC has removed the period of 33 years service for giving full pension and full pension, which now is eligible after 20 years of service; retaining the pro rata of 33 years for pre 2006 pension alone is highly illogical and discriminatory.

32. It is reiterated that dividing the defense personnel in various classes just for approving the concept/benefit of OROP for a few of them and denying it to a large number of them. Also, dividing all other pensioners as mentioned above, is just for applying the pro rata of 33 year for re-fixation of their pension after 6th CPC. It is emphatically, forcefully, ardently, insistently, strongly, heartily and vigorously stated that while creating such a division among the defense as well as all other pensioners in this manner, the Govt has completely, totally, entirely, fully, utterly, and absolutely neglected the principal of equality and the contents of Article 14 and even overlooked, ignored and disregarded the judgements of the Apex Court of the country and also various other courts delivered their judgments in adopting the principal of equality in the past.

33. Further, the govt. and concerned authorities, are also well aware that the Constitutional Bench of Honorable Supreme Court of India gave decision in the case of D S Nakra and others Verses Union of India (1983) 1 SCC 305 . One of the questions posed in the case was whether a class of Pensioners could be divided for the purpose of entitlement and payment of pension into those who retired by certain date and those who retired thereafter. The Constitution Bench held that such division being both arbitrary and unprincipled; the classification did not stand the test of Article 14. The argument that the cut off date had to be fixed in view of the limited financial resources available to cover up additional expenses to be incurred on account of revision of pay scale was not accepted by the Constitution Bench of the honorable Supreme Court.

34. The above Judgement pronounced by a Constitutional Bench of Supreme Court is available at  for the benefit of all who want to read it.

35. The case dates back to 70s when the Government had introduced Liberalized Pension Scheme. Earlier pension was calculated based on the average salary of last 36 months. Under Liberalized Pension Scheme, the provisions were changed to calculate the pension based on the average salary of last 10 months. This was applicable to all the present and future pensioners. The case was filed by one retired civil officer (subject to Central Civil Pension Rules 1972) and one retired defense officer (subject to Army Pension Regulations) and the third petitioner was a Registered Society. Only the following extracts of this judgment will clarify the of the Apex court, which is the position:

a. “Proceeding further, this Court observed that where all relevant considerations are the same, persons holding identical posts may not be treated differently in the matter of their pay merely because they belong to different departments. If that can’t be done when they are in service, can that be done during their retirement? Expanding this principle, one can confidently say that if pensioners form a class, their computation cannot be by different formula affording unequal treatment solely on the ground that some retired earlier and some retired later.”

b. Further “All pensioners whenever they retired, would be covered by the liberalised pension scheme, because the scheme is a scheme for payment of pension to a pensioners governed by 1972 Rules. The date of retirement is irrelevant. But the revised scheme would be operative for all from the date mentioned in the scheme and would bring under its umbrella all existing pensioners and those who retired/retire subsequent to that date. In case of pensioners who retired prior to the specified date, their pension would be computed afresh”

36. The above part pertains to clearly explains that while approving OROP, the defense pensioners of officers’ ranks and defense personnel below officers ranks must not be differentiated. It also clarifies that the pensioners must not be divided in various classes on the ground that some retired earlier and some retired later for giving the benefit of OROP to some and debar others as well as adopting pro rata of 33 yeas for some and giving full pension in 20 years to others.

37. It is abundantly clear from the above extracts that the Hon’ble Supreme Court, upholding the Article 14 of the constitution of India has already objected to the division of pensioners and accepted the principle of equality and this is the Apex court of the country which enjoys the status of the LAW OF THE LAND.

38. The Apex court judgements apply exactly to the case of all the debarred defense pensioners for approving One Rank One Pension for them irrespective of their date of retirement and rank they held before their retirement. If the govt. still does not reconsider their decision of approving the concept of OROP for all the defense pensioners, it will be the contempt of court orders as well as disregard and disrespect to Article 14 of the constitution of India.

39. Deprival of due and that too justified due of approval of concept of OROP for a large number of the defense pensioners including retired officers has created gloom and obscurity as well as a great resentment, antipathy and umbrage amongst the pre-2006 defense retirees.

40. It is submitted that it may not be possible for the debarred old disciplined defense and civil pensioners to do what other civilian force of the country can do, due to their old age, poor health, left over responsibilities and financial constraints; moreover all of them being spread in far flung areas and some in most remote areas in the country. They are unable to approach any of the concerned authorities or Courts of Law to seek justice due to their inabilities and constrains. The govt. therefore must not take undue advantage of their inabilities, rather, must have mercy on them to give OROP to all the defense pensioners irrespective of their date of retirement and the ranks they held before their retirement and remove the clause of pro rata of 33 years for re-fixing their pension, as this clause is completely removed by the 6th CPC for all the post 2005 retirees.

41. It is mandatory for the Govt. to Adhere, regard, observe, respect and honor Article 14 of the constitution of India and number of Apex court judgements on the subject, as well as considering the nature of services the defense pensioners rendered in extreme unfavorable climatic conditions, and terrains against external and internal enemies of the nation for the security and safety of the country and the countrymen. As such, it becomes, necessary, unavoidable obligatory, binding and compulsory for the govt. to reconsider the matter to have sympathetic consideration in favour of old soldiers to approve One Rank One Pension for all of them without any discrimination, and prejudice.

42. The govt. and the concerned authorities therefore have to look into this matter without any prejudice, narrow-mindedness, discrimination and insularity to initiate immediate action and issue amendment to sanction One Rank One Pension for all the defense pensioners without any disparity of ranks. It is equally essential to remove the unwarranted, gratuitous, uncalled-for, unjustifiable and unsubstantiated pro rata clause of 33 years for the pre 2006 pensioners.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.
Lt Col (Retd) Baleshwar Mishra said on Friday, August 7, 2009, 11:44 --Hn Col Jaspal Sir, If I am not wrong you are the first officer to welcome me into this category in 23 FAD. I am overwhelmed to see your comment as I know you can never let the wrong go un noticed and un rectified. Thanks for your submission very explicitly and comprehensive. Hope this UPA Govt would definitely consider the aspect and would do the needful in the interest of safe guarding the provisions of the Fundamental Rights of their citizen. Regards Sir.

R.P.Pillai said on Friday, August 7, 2009, 13:48--The author has profoundly portraits the true sentiment of exservicemen.I admire his endeavours for drafting the article and deeply appreciate his spirits. Let it be an eye opener for the authorities concerned to redress.Earnestly remaining optimist with antcipation. Thanks.

Prabhu said on Friday, August 7, 2009, 17:04--While I do appreciate the sentiments expressed by Col.Jaspal, I beg to differ with his statement that only a few defence pensioners are benefited OROP approved by the Government and majority of them were excluded. PBOR in defence forces is nearly 90% of the total strength and the commissioned officers are only about 6-7% of the forces but this 6-7% wileld 90% power and enjoy >90% benefits. Take the case PB-4 for Lt.cols. They fought tooth and nail to get the PB-4 in the name of self respect without bothering that the Senior Non- Commissioned Officers of the forces have been pushed and pushed to the level of peons and sweepers by the 6CPC. DO THEY THINK THE ONLY COMMISSIONED OFFICERS HAVE SELF RESPECT BUT NOT OTHERS!!! Let us not therefore be swayed by such biased articles written by people like Jaspal for their own personal gains.

js kenneth said on Friday, August 7, 2009, 17:10 --Dear Sir, In my 42 years of service career, I failed to understand the present division made by our Spper Babus into four groups ie Pre-1997, Post-1997, Pre-2006 upto 2-09-2008 and post 2006 (ie after 02-09-2008). The Britisher had made clear cut orders/instructions) for payment of Pension to our fellow citizen who retired from Govt. Service on completion of fulfilled terms and conditions required for retirement. but our present esteem Higher paid officers are incompetent to read,write and understand the Rules & Regulation made by the Previous rulers. In the present cicumstances it can be seen that how they manage to get the high Pouch of Pay,allowances & Perks without any rules & regulation set by the ruling authority. In these days of hardship, there is is no one who can hear and give the ligible dues to the Ex-Sericemen of Indian Armed Forces.

devindra sethi said on Friday, August 7, 2009, 18:56 -- Spot on!The first step is to remove the 33years clause for all armed forces personnel&civilians too. It is necessary for GOM to look long and hard at what they have done.Resources exist&can be paid in a graduated manner as is presently being done.Anomalies have been created for no cogent reason and as correctly pointed out in violation of article 14 of constitution.

COL RAJARAMAN said on Saturday, August 8, 2009, 5:37 --Prabhu @ 17.04 Aug 07, Kindly understand the essence of Jaspal’s argument is discrimination and division of a single class of Defence Pensioners by the Govt in total violation of article 14 of the Constitution. Also please understand that Lt cols’ PB 4 is not something doled out by the Govt as an extra, but was only a restoration of what was legitimately theirs but skilfully denied by the 6th pay commission and the bureaucrats. And you are talking of percentages PBOR and officers. Even if there is 99.999 % of defence pensioners benefit from the recent so callled OROP announcement by the govt and the balance 0.0001 % are denied that benefit , it is still discrimination and blatant violation of the provision of the constituion . And What you have written in your comments is also an attempt to make a division between officers and PBOR of the Armed forces, a strategy displayed by this Govt and the worthy bureaucrats in abundance. While at it, let us not pretend that the new HIG pay scale announced by the govt for Lt Gens is any favours to the Armed forces ,but it is more to benefit the Babus’ . less than 1 % of the armed forces officers raise to the level of Lt Gen whereas invariably everyone in the IAS cadre raises to the level of Addl Secretary for whom this pay scale is essentially meant. It doesn’t need extra intelligence to understand this simple move . As long as we have chandrasekars and sushma Naths where they are , the govt can be assured of all such tricks wherin on the name of Armed forces, the benefit goes . And what do u say for a Maj TC Rao, a congress MP who is being used by the congress to go about town lauding the govt and misleading the Public into believing that OROP is given to the whole spectrum retired Armed forces , whereas in reality only some pension anomoly of a certain class of Defence pensioners appears to have been removed. i am saying “appeared” since nothing has come out in Black and white. By the way, it is more than a month now since the announcement by the FM. If the FM and later Def Min can give out the exact budgeted amount for the announced OROP , why is it the govt letter is not being issued. it causes worry because the more it is kept from Public knowledge the more it is prone to introduction of anomolies by the vested interests. My advice to you is, please see the essence in Jaspal’s article and don’t try and see Armed forces as two seperate entities. we have learnt good ethos to look after our men better than anybody in the world.

Prabhu said on Saturday, August 8, 2009, 18:08 --To be very frank Col. Rajaraman the division of armed forces among officers and PBORS is not something that is invented by babus. It’s an age old strategy cleverly deployed by armed forces officers themselves for their own personal gain and benefit. Take the example of OROP itself, the officers have already begun their cleverly drawn strategy to stop the benefit reaching the 90% of the beneficiaries. They always feel that they are the FORCE THEMSELVES and their men are their orderlies and meant to die like the dogs taking the bullets of enemy and the terrorists. They use their power and influence to project their issues through print and electronic media and get them redressed and leave their men to wolves to defend themselves. Tell me honestly as to how many of you have stood for your men and their causes!!!!. If your answer is affirmative then you would not have allowed your havildars who stood in the front row of our enemy’s fire line to be equated with SAFAIWALAS in their pay and perks. Jai Jawan!!!

Prof.R.Krishnamurthy said on Saturday, August 8, 2009, 18:38 --…..It is a fact that Defence Personnel irrespective of Ranks desrve a better treatment from the Govt. Armed forces are pressed into service not only during operations but also in each and every either man -made or natural Calamities.And it is also a fact the general People feel reassured by the mere presence of Armed Forces as they have full confidence in them unlike IAS people who dance to the tunes of petty politicians .Just conduct an impartial Survey regarding the financial status of an IAS officer when they enter into the service and when they retire. That will speak volumes . In each every walk of life they make their presence felt and always work against interests of PEOPLE IN OTHER PROFESSIONS . For an example ” what is the necessity of an IAS officer being appointed as COMMISSIONERS IN EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS ” when TALENT IS APLENTY AMONG THE ACADEMICIANS WHO REALLY DESERVE THESE POSITIONS. While UGC recommends a scale of Pay for college teachers ,the IAS lobby Truncates these scales . This has actually happened in karnataka in 1996. It is time that these IAS cadres are shown their place . While majority pay lip sympathy to Armed Forces who are actually deployed in Areas of High Risk and asked to fight with HANDS FOLDED BACKWARDS AND WHERE TERRORISTS ARE BETTER EQUIPPED THAN ARMED FORCES. For Heaven’s sake don’t pollute and divide the Armed Forces which is the last one left untouched by various divisions that have already eroded the creditably in all most all walks of Life. Pray for a BETTER SENSE TO PREVAIL AMONG THOSE WHO MATTER MOST.

raj said on Saturday, August 8, 2009, 18:51 ----@ Prabhu, Dear nobody will dare to reply hard / harsh reality put forward by you. Many comment will come in support of unity/ dignity minus status of PBORs, espacially sergeants/ Havildars/Petty Officers.

Anand Raj said on Saturday, August 8, 2009, 21:12 --Dear all, Govt. has already declared that it can’t implement OROP in full. Nevertheless it is trying to implement it in some limited way. Babu’s siting in ministries will be looking for some excuse to delay it. My request is please don’t try to torpedo it ourselves by creating these above controversies. We have to be patient, once implemented, it can be modified to cover all.

COL RAJARAMAN said on Saturday, August 8, 2009, 21:40 --Prabhu, It is futile to drive sense into people like you who have no idea about the Armed forces and their way of functioning. I thought you would see the essence of the article by col Jaspal. Since that is not happening , and you seem to be little unkind and impolite in your language , I am not going to waste my breath any more on you. May god forgive you.

Sudeep said on Sunday, August 9, 2009, 10:42 --prabhu@18-08-- May God bless your languished brain as it requires urgent repairs..

Ramdas said on Sunday, August 9, 2009, 12:28 --In parliment R.M.said government has accepted, committee of secretaries recommendations regarding OROP and implemented but nothing has come out black and white in this connection. Incase of HAG issue the implimentation was very fast.Hope ESM anxiety in this case will be resolved soon.

Raghav said on Sunday, August 9, 2009, 12:58 --Mr Rajaraman…--What is wrong in Prabhu’s statement? he has well analysed the facts & written it..ultimately PBORs are treated like slaves. Officers have got hefty hikes in 6PC..still they are fighting for each penny not for country…May God save the country from these self oriented officers…take the case of first time implementation of MSP…officers are paid 6000pm where as PBORs are paid with meagre 1000pm..then due to some political gimmick, it was raised to 2000pm..still the difference of 4000pm why? frankly speaking, jawans are more subjected to all sort of difficulties…no one will understand this….

vinod said on Sunday, August 9, 2009, 15:48 --Mr Prabhu, U r 100% right. Let me also cite an example. Sgt/Havildar/Petty Officer (basic pay Rs.5000/-) have been relegated to PB-I, while this scale has been put in PB-II for all civilians. No one raised this anomaly before the CPC or Govt. While in service we have seen discrimination right from toilet to CSD canteen to Ration entitlement. Still, what the Govt has done in the budget also wrong. Further, raspected Col Rajaraman sahab, the language used by Mr Prabhu is niether impolite nor unkind, if you have words to justify the discrimination prevalent in the forces, you must waste little time & breath. Let us enjoy the debate.

Lt Col Angad Singh said on Sunday, August 9, 2009, 20:50 --The essence of whole article is that defense personnel have been discriminated against which is very much coorect. It is sad that the disabled soldiers have also been divided into pre and post 2006 category. Even persons with 33 years of service are being denied full pension. All effortsare being made to divide the ESM into various categories so that they fight among tghemselves and blame each other. The MPs are entitled to get additional pension for additional tenure, whereas the ESM are denied pension even when they complete 33 years of service. Hope better sense prev- ails on our authorities and they give OROP to ESM .

COL RAJARAMAN said on Monday, August 10, 2009, 4:27--raj , raghav & vinod, If you are all saying the same thing more or less , there must be some truth in these statements. If there were any discriminations in your experience then it is very sad and needs to be condemned. But to brand all officers as selfish and do not care for PBORs may not be a right statement. I retired in 1995 after 28 years of service. I have never done anything nor allowed anybody to do anything that is demeaning to the soldiers under my command. I always tried to uphold the dignity and respect of my men. Even now my sincere concern has been why the govt has not able to issue the implementation letter in respect of 70 % of the pay for pension for PBOR and the promised OROP in whatever form it is . This was announced first by the govt amngst the four issues taken up for removing the anomolies of 6th pay commission , but implementation for some inexplicable reasons is not happening. But the benefits that accrue to officers have been implemented strangely. Why this strange prioritisation by the Govt is something that is baffling me too. i am sure there are many serving and retired officers out there, who share this concern. But Blaming the serving / retired officers as blocking the implementation of the announced OROP to PBOR as alleged by Prabhu appears to be outrageous. I don’t think even the meanest of the mean officer will ever resort to it. If somebody says not enough is being done for the cause of PBOR ,probably , they are right. But to say that without waiting the outcome of the announcements in respect of PBOR in black & white may be premature The indications are that there will be a favourbale outcome for PBOR , albeit inordinately delayed. My sincere prayers are there for the best outcome for the PBOR.

Prabhu said on Monday, August 10, 2009, 10:56 --Dear Col. Rajaraman, Thanks for your prayers and also thanks for your more gentle and sober response of 10,August. I was also moved to read that you have never done anything nor allowed anybody to do anything that is demeaning to the soldiers under your command and you always tried to uphold the dignity and respect of your men. Hats off to you, Col. Rajaraman. But then everybody is not Col. Rajaraman!!!!! Its not that i wrote all those out of my imagination. I served this country in uniform and retired in 1987, after15 years of very distingushed and active service. Whatever I wrote was written out of my experience and with the feeling of hurt we all PBORS felt when the Officers did not bother to rectify the the most insulting anomoly to which the Havildars/Petty Officers/Sergeants were subjected to by the 6CPC. These ranks are the cutting edge among PBORS in the respective services. But today they are paid peanuts and placed in PB-1 along with sweepers and safaiwalas. Why did not the chiefs who held up implementation of 6CPC recommendations in forces in order to force the GOI to place the Lt. Cols in PB-4 did not speak even a word about the above anomoly. Is this the way Officers take care of their MEN!!!! Also is it correct to discriminate the amount of MSP payable to officers and men when the hardship they face is the same????? infact the PBORS face more hardship and difficulties tahn officers in field. I too could not understand the logic and rational that increased hardship being faced by those who are paid more and vice-versa! Dear Col. Please ponder these issues leisurely and let us know your views. Until then you can breath easy. Thanks

N jayasoman said on Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 8:12 --Sir, It is betrayal. Betrayal by mother India of her unprivilaged sons. The history of Indian soldiers show that they have been betrayed during their active servive and after retirement. They have been divided and ruled, robbed off their fundamental rights and reduced to living animals. It is sad to note that our Honourable Prime Minister has also played into the hands of our BABUS in btraying us and the nation. Noways. Suuffer.

Prabhu said on Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 16:14 --MSP must be the same to ALL irrespective of their rank. We are at loss to understand the logic that the HIGHER THE PAY IS THE MORE THE HARDSHIPS ARE! How else one can justify the difference in the MSP payable to Officers and PBORs?? Whenever a person- be it a commissioned officer or a jawan, is posted to forward and hard living areas, the hardship he undergoes is the same. Infact the jawan undergoes more of hardship and trials coz his responsibilty includes also the protection of his boss in such hard and difficult terrain/areas. However he is paid one third of what his boss has been paid as MSP. WHILE THE DIFFERENCE IN PAY AND PERKS IS UNDERSTANDABLE BASED ON QUALIFICATION AND JOB PROFILE THE DIFFERENCE IN MSP IS IRRATIONAL AND ABSURD. The difficulties, suffering and the pain one undergoes is not different and it does not vary based on his rank or pay. Therefore payment of same amout of MSP to all irrespective of one’s rank and pay sounds more logical and rational. It would be scientific if jawans are paid more MSP than their officers as” lower the rank is the higher the risk and hardship one is exposed to”. I just want to raise one simple argument. Do people who get more pay and perks pay more for their travel in the same class in bus, train and plane; do they pay more for purchasing same materials from same shop? Then why are they paid more MSP for the same or less amount of risk they are exposed to than those who are exposed to same or more risk than themselves!!!! I hope that the anomoly committee constituted by the GOI will look into this serious anomoly and rectify it fairly failing which the PBORs should take it up with the newly constituted Armed Forces Tribunal for legal remedy. Jai Jawan!

rajkumar said on Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 22:49 --With regard to military service pay of PBORs, a lot of difference is there between the officers and the PBORs.This anomaly is urgently required to be sorted out. A Sub Major who has put in 30-32 years of service is given @ Rs 2000/- whereas a Lt who has just passed out from IMA or NDA and has not seen anything is given @ Rs 6000/-.Can anybody say it is justifiable ??? . This is the main hiccups after the notification of 6th CPC. The basic pay and the grade pay of PBORs are also to be increased.Except a few cases, most of the PBORs are not in a position to build a house of their own with their meagre take home salary/ pension.

ROBERTS said on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 0:24 --Well said mr.Prabhu, I belong to the category u have supported so far.Keep sending ur views boldly cos it is true.GOD bless you my dear friend.

Ramdas said on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 22:43 --Mr. Prabhu, your view on MSP is correct.But I dont understand in SCPC recommendation how it was fixed at Rs.6000 for officers and 1000 for PBORS. If the commision had some justifiction at least they could have fixed just half of it for PBORS. It means something was happening from the beginnig which should not have happened.

M.Venkataraman said on Thursday, August 13, 2009, 11:23 --Dear Sirs, Col Jaspalrana has taken immense pains to to describe the arbitrarinessand there by the injustice done to some pensioners in fixing pensions by the 6th Pay commission.While we cannot question th intentions of the 6th pay commissionand the government in recommending and accepting new pensions, they have unwittingly have done innjustice to some category of the pensioners,by depriving them of the been benefits of their long service in one rank and also tying their pension with the service period of 33 years. I am a retired officer (civilian in defene)in theIndion Ordnance facotories.I retired two months before 1 Jan 96 and there by loosing all benefits of the new scale recommended by the pay commission .I had renderd nearly 9 years of service in the senior admin scale and there by reached the maximumof the scaloe and also got stagenation increments given afeter completion of two years of service.Just beause I retired two months before the implementation of the new pension,my pay has been fixed equal to my junior by 9 years.My service of 9years has been ignored and also the fact the I was about to be promoted had I remained inservice for a few months. Col Jaspal rana has correctly emphasised that there is decrimination by not treating the pensioners as guranteed by the article 14.

Further the service restraint of 33 year has been imposed on certain pensioners only.One should get full pesion after rendering 20 years of service. In the end I once again congratulate Col Jaspalrana in bring out the inequatlities in pension fixtion which has been further aggravated by th6th paycommision.

murthy said on Saturday, August 15, 2009, 9:43 --The committees are mainly constitued with only IAS lobby. They have looted openly and politicians allowed IAS lobby to gain maximum through this pay commission. We are fools and unncessaryly fighting.

FUT SOLDIER said on Saturday, August 15, 2009, 16:54 --@ ALL LIKE PRABHUS- Dear Sirs while doing trg such one query on equality was raised by a participant in the open Durbar. The answer given was very simple, Children born out of the same stomach can also cannot demand equality, one guy becomes a General and the other retires as a Havaldar. Can any one amongst us ensure that our children will maintain equality of status ? If not -then same is true for forces, IF YES - THEN YOU HAD JOINED A WRONG PROFESSION and TO CRIB IS UR birth (RITE).

Sqn.Ldr B S Chowdhary said on Saturday, August 15, 2009, 20:45 --Col Jaspal has written a very good and thought provoking article. I absolutely agree with him.We have unnecessary shifted from the main isuue of govt.step motherly approach and started Officers vs men debate. Most of us refuse to accept that the difference of the Salary and Perks between various ranks will have to be there. It is heartening to see that our Top brass in all the three services are doing more and more for the PBOR. I only wish to add from my 38 years of Air Force service both as an airman and Officer that most of the Officers wish well for their men and we should not unnecessarily be suspicious. Let us please stop blame each other and concentrrate on the main issue by which all will benift.

JAGDISH said on Sunday, August 16, 2009, 15:55 --stop begging ,fight for your right.

KN Brahma said on Monday, August 17, 2009, 13:43 --It is true that the more delay in issuing the order the more likely that a game plan is being made to deprive us again. Really, looking at the style all these years what we can understand is that our guardians are not wise to look for equality at least on human level. Can someone say whey the pay commission the 4th cpc delayed 1973 to 1983 to 1.1.86 and do we know how the defence pensioners of the period sufferred and continuing to suffer?

harvin brar said on Monday, August 17, 2009, 14:42 --Sir, The issue of lower salary and pension for armed forces personnel are mainly taken up by middle level and senior defence officer, with sole and selfish purpose for their benefits only. PB4 grade along with MSP and other allowance like free food, housing, kid education, etc have been given to Ltcol and above rank officers, the overall salary as on today becomes Rs 70K to Rs 135K, which is very good as per indian standards and even comparison with civil officers. The field work and war is fought mostly by pesronnal lower then Major and non commisisoned officers. Almost all gallantry awards have been won by this group. and theses people have not been given enough by the 6PC. only the golf playing officers have been rewarded. surprisingly not even a single senior defence officer have taken the issue of Jawans and NCO’s for better scale and pension. There are worried about themselves only. too much of selfishness not expected from the top brass.

Shailender Khanna said on Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 19:09 --I agree with all that is written in the article, it is very thought provoking but my humble submission is about the time at which it is written. Col. Jaspal, you were very well aware about these anomolies, but why were it not brought out by you earlier, why now, when govt has decided to hike pensions of PBOR. By writing this article now you are doing disservice to the personnels who had served under you. Sure, one rank one pay should be for all irrespective of rank or grade or year served but articles such as these would force the govt to setup another commssions (another delaying tactic) to look into the whole issue afresh, further delaying the the little compensation offered by govt. Let the PBOR get their dues & we assure you that they would fight along side their officers for their dues, as they have always done when they were in active service also. Taking this further would strenthen the hands of Babus.

Ramdas said on Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 21:50 ---Mr. harvin brar your views are excellent.In normal course any direct entry cadet with out much problem will become a Lt.col.equivalent and presently effected group without benifit are up to promoted major level officers from lower level and nobody is interested in their case. Rest all retird fficers caders got enough benifits other than very few left out and PBOR’s case is still not known which lobby is handling IAS or military.;

vengataraman.m.s. said on Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 22:55 --the facts speak for themselves. the pay commission do not decide based on the genuineness of the demands of the cadre /ranks. but the amount involved if conceded. take the case of SNCOS of A.F. Especially sgt who is the back bone of the fleet. they are kept in PB-1 along with chaprasi. they are 100% worker and 100% supervisor whereever, they are required can be utilised. but if they are brought to pb-2 it involves lot of amount. the pay commission was not independent. they have simply signed on the dotted was decided by the babu/pasi and signed by the pay commission. take the definition of pay for fixation of pension for old age pensioners. minimum of the revised pay band. these all total cheating by the govt. but they have one genuine reason. the retired persons strength is going to bust , because persons recruited during socialist era expansion of govt depts during seventies are going to retire and the pensioners strength will grow in lakhs.

satishkapur said on Friday, August 21, 2009, 10:25 --I fully support and agree the views of Mr harvin Brar. senior officers( i mean Col and above) of all three wings Army, IAF and Navy are bothered about their welfare only. They have been given very good salary and pension too. I dont know why they are cribbing now ? they have no reason for that. I hope wise sense prevails on them to see the living standards and pay compensation of the vast majority of men who they command. i feel sooner or later the armed forces shall also become like state police where SSP/DIG/IG all enjoy and loot public money and treat policemen as their servants with meagre salary. thanks

Prabhu said on Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 9:46 --GOI has issued orders for payment of final instalment of arrears 60% for both the serving employees and pensioners. The pay fixation orders in respect of officers has been issued inspite decision on the same were taken later than OROP for PBORs. The IIT professors on the street with placards and slogan demanding parity as was existing during IV and V pay commissions. But our chiefs are mysteriously silent on the implementation of OROP announced by GOI. They are also silent on restoring parity of their Non- commissioned Officers who have been relegated to the position of peons and chowkidars. Will anyone- any of the commissioned officers like Col. Rajaraman, bother to explain this deadly silent when it comes to payment of benefits to their men like OROP and parity of SNCOS.


I advise and suggest the readers must read it once again. No one will ever find if I have written that it should not be given to PBOR. Rather, I have tried to stress that the OROP must be given and should be given to all ranks may they be holding any ranks before their retirement in defense forces. I also have mentioned that the OROP does not seem to have been given to all the PBOR; there too it seems that they have put unwanted dates string. In that they seem to have provided OROP for the PBOR pensioners for specific period retirees. Any way every one of them were and are free to comment and I wish all of you good luck. Thanks. K L Jaspal. Mob 09471889885 email

K L Jaspal said on Saturday, August 29, 2009, 15:52 --SINCERE REQUEST AND ADVICE TO ALL THE WRITERS ON OROP. I once again advise my beloved, virtue, revered and virtuous writers to not to write anything which give clear indication that the pensioners are divided among themselves. It is really very sad state of affairs that some ones from the writers who seem to be well educated, may they be officers or PBOR; but from their views, it seems that one category of us does not want other one to be benefited. I assure you that no one is against the little benefit what the PBOR are expected to get. However, this too is as a result of combined efforts.

Secondly, all the PBOR must understand and must not remain infested with any doubt that had the officers did not or do not put in any efforts for the benefit of all the pensioners, no one will ever get any benefit. Also, all of us must understand that the idea of OROP was conceived by the officers and not by anyone else. If that be so how foolish we are to think that the officers do everything for themselves and not for the PBOR. Please let one thing get registered in everyone’s’ mind that officers take oath on the occasion of their becoming officers that first and foremost interest is that of their country and thereafter, the interest and welfare for the PBOR and their own interest and welfare come the last. This is embedded in their heart, soul and blood, which none of them ever forgets. However, every one and all of are at liberty to think and comment whatever they feel. Nevertheless, my sincere and humble requests to all not to do mudslinging on each other as it seems; some of us are doing here. Let all of contribute, if we can or wait and watch for the positive results. I pray to the Almighty to bless you with wisdom and patience.

Prabhu said on Monday, August 31, 2009, 10:15 --This is exactly the issue here. They just talk and show case their oath and et all to prove the point that they donot discriminate between an PBOR or an Officer. But the fact is otherwise. See the timing of the well written article by Mr. Jaspal and by default the GOI delayed already announced OROP for PBORS. It may not be the intention of the author but it always happens. Mystery, perhaps!!! It happened so even in implemention of 6th CPC recommendations for Armed Forces. Lt. cols issue overshadowed every other anomoly and the PBORS paid the price by delayed implementation. What happened to the anomoly of Havildars and Sergeants who were relegated to PB-1 while their civilian counterparts were placed in PB-2. This anomoly is similar to that of Lt. cols and even much worse as they are now in the lowest pay band and equated along with peons and chowkidars. Who did what for them??? A big nothing!! I sincerely request to study this anomoly in all seriousness and know for yourself why we feel so hurt . Please understand that we are also not interested dividing anyone but we are so very much pained and hurt by the total absence of any forum to air our grievences and address our issues and anomolies. A devotee prays to God; but to whom will he pray to , if God himself turns against him!!!!! The position of PBORs today is similar to that of the devotee. May God be merciful to us!!!!

jayvant walawalkar said on Monday, August 31, 2009, 21:02 --Respected Sirs, Please stop fighting among each other, let us do something better for PBORS/Officers/IAS Officers, but let us do something better than this for INDIA.

jayvant walawalkar said on Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 22:44 --Respected Sir, I am Ex-Sgt of Indian Air Force, I felt offended, when I see Officers and PBORs fighting for pension and other benifits. sir, kindly look at those INDIANS who are 70% of Indian population earn less than Rs 20/= per day, then instead of fighting for our rights, let us fight for their rights, we have worked for INDIA, let us work for INDIANS. JAI HIND.

cp singh said on Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:42 --Dear sirs, Can you all go in organised manner to justified your demand “ONE RANK ONE PENSION”. Is there any case in service where junoirs are getting more pay to theirs seniors ( same rank & same group) . Then why it has been happened now for Ex man ( keeping 3 category pre 10 Oct 97 post 10 Oct 97 to 31 Dec 2005 and post 01 Jan 06 to till date and future. Illustrated Eample :- A person (Equally common any rank in force) who has left service in 20 yrs and gone out on 31/5/97 is drawing less pension FROM who has gone on 31 Dec 97 ( same rank +same 20 yrs + same task). Now your question may be that what is the solution now?. The only solution is to keep all the three forces equal rank pension basic pay as per equal lenght of service. If you can not take less pay from your juniors of same rank/ task than how you can draw less pension from your juniors. You all well aware what were pay before IV & V pay commission. How defence personel have adjusted out side their family & children in small house without service accomodation. Earlier service accomodation were very limited. Did you all know that 10% of Ex service man got good job in civil. Rest are not getting ( rejected by company saying that we want to prefer young people below 35 yrs) A person who go out after 20 yrs his approximate age 38 ~ 42 yrs (Below Officer Rank) and 42 ~ 45 yrs ( Officers). They did not even given a good pension but brought lower to his juniors. Pl rethink all you and donot fight each and think what you can do for others. God is watching each one selfish activities. You all know god is always with them who thinks & do for others without self interest. I live on you to rethink again.———-> Regards CP Singh

Ex-Jwo Pradip Kumar Banerjee said on Monday, September 7, 2009, 12:45 I may be informed by authorised letter, regarding pay protection for a defence pensioner who are getting less basic in state goverment service.

jayvant walawalkar said on Monday, September 14, 2009, 17:16 --Respected Sir, I am very happy that out of 1200000 defence pensioners only 43 have responded, so it is a very small responce. sir, right now i am getting pension is just two times more than last pay drawn by me. in no case i would like to be burdon on my INDIA/HINDUSTHAN/BHARAT. i think what so ever i am getting ie enough for me.JAI HIND.

cp singh said on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 14:53 --Dear sir ( Jayvant walawalkar Ji) We welcome your dedication & devotion and appreciate your thoughts. Can you pl write when you were retired and what were your last basic pay, secondly how many years of service you have done, thirdly how many pay commission you have availed. Fourthly what were your last rank at the time of retirement .___________Regards cp singh

jayvant walawalkar said on Friday, September 18, 2009, 18:44 --Respected CP Singh sir, please see my comments above on this subject on 31 Aug 2009 and 1 Sept 2009. respected sir, it is not welfare meeting, everyone other than defence persons also read this. so please, if you want to know about me please contact me on 9766619622 or at e mail id regards, JAI HIND

Sqn Ldr.B S Chowdhary said on Friday, September 18, 2009, 19:49 --After the sincere and honest appeal by Col Jaspal the topic should have closed and we all shoul have united.This is perhaps first time when the three Cheifs jointly stuck together and every one benifitted. As for the Lt.Cols,the main aim was to bring them at par with the equivalent in civil. As you all will see Lt.Col and above and Hony Capts and below have beniffited.It certainly does no mean that there is any concipracy.Let us open our hearts and make the best of what has come and wait for the better days which certainly come.

cp singh said on Saturday, September 19, 2009, 12:21 --Dear sir (Jayvent ji) That ’s why i want know about you. Without knowing the facts how you have written that 70 % population is earning less than Rs 20/= /day. Pl donot be extra ordinary and show you are very rich and what ever you are getting is enough. You may be very lucky may not be going bank every month for drawing pension amount. Every body is not rich and having good back ground like you. Did you gone through my earlier mail even dated 02/9/09. and i written in others heading . Pl go through each heading one by one. Regards ———- CP Singh
dc said on Sunday, September 20, 2009, 18:13 --Discussing various tricks adopted by babus in implementing 6pc eecommendations is alright and healthy but for Gods sake,please dont fight among yourselves as this is also going to help the Babus to complicate and delay implementaton of govt decision.Everybody knows what they are?

Prabhu said on Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 17:34 --They have already delayed the implementation of the announced OROP for PBORs. This is a cruel trick played on PBORs and none of our officers have come forward to fight it out as it is not applicable to them. This game will go on and on and our men will keep giving up his life in the defence of our country. Neither the politicians & babus nor our own officers will do anything to the poor men called- PBORs.


Edayil Ittycheria Abraham Omalloor Pathanamthitta said on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 17:24 --It is hard or impossible to understand our political heads. That is a problem in our democracy. Old is Gold, old friends are better friends. Old exercisemen are men of golden experience. If our government says old exservice men are no more usefull forget them I have answer. Antiques has more values than new. People say antique Panchaloha has medical and atom bomb values from its powder. Thus too it is in great demand in the western world while our India ignores. Experience of Old Exservicemen of India came from growing young India. the wars of 1962 - 1965 - 1971 who can forget those if over age 60. Although we did not much in 1962 it made us to prapare and if was no 1962 war we couldn’t win the 1965 war. Our morale in 1962 was below average - so to make a long story short - ONE RANK ONE PENSION INCREASE THE MORALE OF SERVING SOLDIERS - that no soldier is serving just for today’s benefits only but for the added benefits of the future too.

Prabhu said on Friday, November 6, 2009, 18:09 --The guardians of the nation’s security, who guarded the nation at the risk of their life without asking the reason why but followed the tradition of do and die, are being killed inch by inch, both by the govt. and their own senior veterans who still matter in the govt.  JCOs. and below, who count for 96% in the Armed Forces of India, are being neglected at every step by the govt. while granting them the pension and other post retrial benefits. Veterans up to the rank of Hav. have been placed in the Pay Band - I along with class IV Civilians and most of them draw a basic pension of Rs. 3500/- PM , an amount being bagged by Chokidars, Malis , Cooks and Sweepers   Realizing the pathetic condition of these veterans,committee headed by Cabinet Secretary recommended a step of equating Pre - 96 with Post- 10.10.97 counter parts to remove the anomaly in their pension, and same has been announced in the union budget on 6-7-2009 ,then in Parliament on 12-07-2009 and then finally by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 15-08-2009 although giving it a name of ONE RANK ONE PENSION for PBORs only.

This flared up the mood of superior veterans who protested against the grant of ONE RANK ONE PENSION only to JCOs. and below without waiting for a moment to think that it was a removal of anomaly relating to JCOs. and below only. However, the Hon’ble Defence Minister, Mr. A.K. Antony silenced them by announcing ONE RANK ONE PENSION for all including officers in Lok Sabha 0n 12 July, 2009 which was in fact a step to implement the decision of court regarding the pay anomaly of Maj. Generals and giving a separate pay scale to Lt. Generals, as well as their counter parts, in civil.

The govt., after the announcement, has immediately issued the orders for Lt. Generals and Major Generals but the orders for JCOs.and below are still gathering dust in the Ministry of Defence and not yet issued, presumably, at the instance of some of the remaining senior veterans who have not been benefited by this announcement of the govt.

The travails of JCOs.and below do not end at this stage. The orders for giving pension to JCOs. at the rate of 60% of their last drawn payand to Hav. and below at the rate of 70%, which were acceded by the govt. along with change of pay band from PB-3 to PB- 4, in case of Lt. Cols., have also not been issued till date where as the Lt. Cols. have received the revised pension, as a result of change in pay band, long ago.

Such discriminatory treatment to veterans( JCOs. and below) is not un- common in every field, may it be in granting pension or canteen benefits to them. They have been authorized to purchase cars from CSD canteen only up to 1300 CC, after a gap of 7 years, only if they have current Driving License and earned pension after a minimum 15 years of service where as officers including Short Service Commissioned Officers and Emergency Commissioned Officers who are not drawing any pension, can purchase a car of any brand after a gap of 2 years without having current Driving License.

Mukesh Vaid said on Friday, November 13, 2009, 17:10 --Mr. Parbhu, You have elaborated the facts in the defence sevices, which are an eye opener for our civilian brother. It is good every body should what is happening the forces where still the British rules exist. I can also give one example where a LAC was threatened to be charge sheeted having used the toilets meant for Offcers while on guard duty. But I would also like to tell you that all are not of the same nature. One or two odd buffoons we find every where. How ever so far the issue OROP is concerned we should fight it out unitedly. Not only OROP the other issue relating to PB on Sgts/Havildars should also be fought tooth and nail.

Ex JWO Reddy said on Friday, November 20, 2009, 2:37 --After going through the comments of various ex servicemen including the officers I feel this is not the place where we can ventilate our grievances of past. It is true that there is always a dominance position by the officers. They are made to behave like that. The start up day of the service itself is made to differentiate the things as leaders and followers. Leaders being the officers and follwers being the PBOR including the JCOs. How well I can make this present day Lt Col position issue is what I can bring out a glaring example of 5th pay commission, where the technical branches of Men of Air Force were totally neglected and when they ventilated their grievances they were never took serious until the issue became very serious and even after that as an eye wash they were given some hike as if giving to the beggars! And see how the officers of benefited by way an indirect hike in the hierarchy by way of abolishing the lowest rank of officer! So they got the monetary benefit and are getting the promotions fast! What a double standard it is!  I just want to bring out how the people can be double standard when they are in advantageous position and cry when they need something better and equate themselves with the other disadvantageous ones. Any how over all now the issue of OROP belongs to all and we need to forget what ever happened earlier and needs to be united to achieve that by the way of pressure groups. I can see here that almost [R] almost none of the PBOR is in any great position to fight for it. In politics only the officer ranks are active and in various other organizations they were only active, so it is useless to think that they will take a whole hearted participation in the movement with out including their cause. Any way a soldier is a soldier and he needs to get the pension equally. The officer can be Lt Col so and so or a Wing Cdr So and so but what about the PBOR they are only an ex and can not say their rank. What a shame it is! For benefits all are equal and for honour some are more equal than others. The British culture hangover!

But in this hour we need to think about the OROP and can sort out the other issues later. Hopefully the Officer community will help the PBORs in that. Jai Jawan. Jai Hind

BRIG.BRAJESH SINHA said on Sunday, November 22, 2009, 20:48 --Beautifully brought out facts, wish the whole nation reads this and knows the reality of play game of the present Govt.which have max strengthh ofr persons like MADHU KODA. What a shame the ex service men who are the real well wishers of the prosperity of the NATION and the swindlers are having good time and fight for ministirial bearth for KAMDHENU. I request some how these reality is brought to the NATION through Press. Thanks


  1. veteran JASPAL has enumerated all those violations , viz court orders/judgements ,constitutional provisions,public statements by PRES/def min ,assurences/promises......etc.
    THE govt is thus guilty of crimes. They are liable for prosecution and execution of the award by the peoples court....the country/Nation.
    If they do not correct /imPlement .....forthwith they should resign or get dissmissed by the people of the NATION .

  2. Can anybody tell upto now what Govt has given to PBORs then Why this so much Hue and cry.

    Till now nothing has came out.

    Its good that The Govt is coming out one by one with the orders relating to Officers.

    Any body who can tell when the Orders in respect of below ranks will be out.


  3. Dear Gavini,
    I appreciate your efforts of bringing up this article at the right time. Thank you very much.

    The author cries louder regarding the classification and categorization of people in similar circumstances by the Govt.One example i want to quote here.After the working hours how a station is manned we all know.The o/Sgt and O/officer does everything during that period and even for their meals they have to go alternatively adjusting each other.The Duty officer (so called commissioned officers) never bothered to visit the station and they never bothered to call o/officer or o/sgt to know what is happening.Even earlier days some officers used to come to take over the armory ( practically to receive the key) , but now a days that is also not there.They sleep in their smqs comfortably and come and sign the registers next day morning.For this also a sgt from SWOs office should go to his office to get his sign, that time they used to ask what is this ? early in the morning you people are coming and disturbing me ?
    The o/Officer has to go to all the important sections like cypher, signals ,exchange,fire messes and sign and take over and certify that everything is ok and relieve o/sgt for his meals. Then when o/sgt comes back he has to go for his meals (may be 10 kms , no service vehicle , by own means)and come back and start going for guard checking some times in big stations like AF Tambaram , he has to move with a vehicle like shakthiman, having tea pot at the backside. O/officer has to found out a guard of patrol duty and certify alert and sign and offer him tea( fortunately a mess boy used to come for this purpose)and listen his complaints , o/officer has to find a solution for the problems recurring for a month in night and he has to cover almost 30 to 40 posts in the same manner and by that time he comes back to his office it will be 3 or 4 a.m

    O/ Sgt then he has to go for his check as per the given timings and both should fill up their proforma stating that everything was normal during his duty , though hundred and one problems are there.Then in morning they have to wait till the arrival of asst adjt or adjt and brief him , by that time it will be 8.00am and these two poor men should finish their morning fresh ups and to be back by 9.30 am and feel fresh to take over their office work?
    You tell me where we are similar circumstanced
    where we are equal?
    see the condition of a cpl standing in a forest area or runway and his plea of getting a drinking water or leaving the post ?
    the commissioned officer enjoying all the facilities of officers mess?
    O/Sgt waiting till the o/officer comes and he has to go for check after 2 or 3 a.m that too in his own vehicle( only one vehicle will be provided for check)?
    O/Officer manning his office filling up his formalities till 8.00am?