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Saturday, November 21, 2009


      The following e-mail message of Brigadier CSKamboj, VSM, VETERAN, is posted below for the benefit of information of all Veteran Brothers:-
Dear Friends, Jai Hind. There are already many pension arrears calculators floating on the internet. Some of the ESM are finding difficulties in their use. Therefore, I am attaching a very simple arrears calculator to this email which you may like to try.

It is a universal calculator which can be used by ESM of any rank or the family pensioner. Due to its simplicity the calculator has the following limitations –

1) It does not account for additional pension for ESM or family pensioners who are above 80 years of age. They will have to do additional calculations.

2) It does not cater for disability pension or monthly payments due for decorations.

The calculator takes into account the commuted value of the pension. The commuted amount has to be filled in the Cells F6 to F 52, in the applicable cells, till the month in which commutation value payment is finally over.

In calculating the net amount due to you by your pension bank, the calculator also takes into the account the amount that you have been receiving in your bank every month. The amount received by you in your pension account has to be entered by you in Cells I 6 to I 52. The following points should be taken care of, while filling the Cells I 6 to I 52 –

1) Exclude the interest amount or receipts other than the actual pension and DA amounts received in that account.

2) If there have been more than one receipt in any month on account of pension and it’s DA, total these amounts and enter as one amount only. If you enter more than one amount in any cell the calculator will fail.

3)You may enter the amount up to two places of decimal but what you will see will be rounded figure in Rs. Do not worry about this rounding off.


To start with you have to fill the following cells –

a) Cell C 3, your basic pension on 31 Dec 05, WITHOUT ADDING DP (50% of Basic Pension not to be added. Calculator will take care of it and place the amount in Cell C 4).

b)Cell E 4, new pension as on 01 Jan 06.

c)Next fill up the commuted value in Cells F 6 to F 52, up to the month applicable.

d)Next fill up the amount received in bank every month as explained above. Probably there would be no entries in the month of March as the pension of March is received in April.

e)All the applicable DA rates, for old and new pension have been catered for in the calculator.

In Service of Indian Military Veterans,

Brigadier C. S. Kamboj, VSM., VETERAN.
Email -

PS – ESM who are receiving “Report My Signal” emails after being redirected from their friends, and wish to be on the direct emailing list of “Report My Signal”, may send me an email on email ID – , giving following information (some additional information required will be asked on receipt of your email)

1. Service No, Rank and Name.2. Service (Army Navy Air Force) and branch.

3. Date of joining.

4. Date of retirementAll Ranks from All Three Services are welcome. Aim is to minimise time gap between information being available and reaching you. Your are most welcome.

Please send me the following information to complete our records -

1. Personal No, Rank and Name as per service records.

2.. Service (Army/Navy/Air Force)/ and Branch/Regt

3. Date of joining and retirement.DoJ:-------------,DoR:--------------------

4. Your parent unit:-----------------,Last unit LU/HQ served (with your designation). ---------------
LU&Your Designation:-------------------------

5. Name of next of kin and reationship.NoK:--------------------------------------

6.ResidencePostal address and phone/mobile numbers (country code - area code - number) 1.House No, street and locality-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. City:------------------------------------3. State:--------------------------4. PIN:-----------------5.Country:------------------------6. Phone: Country code- City Code - Phone No.---------------
7. Mobile: Country Code - No---------------------------

7.Office  - Name of Co:-----------------------------Your designation:----------------------------------

Postal address:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Phone/mobile numbers (country code - area code - number)Company:------------------------

Your designation:--------------------------Address:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Phone:--------------------------

8. Your preferred email ID (only one ID). ------------------------------------------

9. Any thing else you wish to mention

Your email ID will be added to Report My Signal emailing list as soon as the above information is received.-----------


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