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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Major Navdeep Singh in his Military Benefits Blog had suggested THE BEST METHOD IN RESOLVING THE PENSIONS ISSUES, is posted for the benefit of information to all Veteran Brothers, as indiated below:-
Cut-off dates have brought in complete mayhem in the system.

The law of proportions is not in place both on the civil and the military side. For example, there are cases wherein the differentia of a thousand rupees or so operative on 31-12-2005 has gone up to more than ten thousand a day later on 01-01-2006. There were other freak cases on the civil side wherein a person who was in receipt of Rs 12999 as pension on 31-12-2005 had been placed @ Rs 29379 the next day while a person who was getting a rupee more at Rs 13000 had been placed at Rs 40000. Hence a difference of one rupee on 31-12-2005 had translated into a gap of about eleven thousand a day later on 01-01-2006.

I think the simplest way out would be to base pensions of various grades (who retired before the date of implementation of a particular pay commission) on a percentage basis with reference to the highest grade in the govt. For example, if the highest grade in the govt (Chiefs of Services and the Cabinet Secretary) is placed at a pension of Rs 45,000, then the next below (Apex) can be placed @ 95% of the same, the HAG+ can be placed @ 90%, followed by slabs going down till 15% for an employee of the lowest grade.

This would not only bring standardisation but also kill the cut-off date chaos. This would also simplify the issue for all times to come with very minor adjustments. The govt has already donned the simplification glove by dispensing with the 33 years’ requirement for earning a full pension and abolishing the system of weightages by simply granting full pension on completion of 20 years, it is time to go a step further. The proposed percentage slabs can be decided by using the law of averages and empirically adapting data from all previous 5 Pay Commissions with a little tact here and there. Parity would be inbuilt in the system and relative disproportionate increase or decrease with reference to various grades and ranks would remain curtailed. The system can be implemented for all central govt employees with an added MSP fitment for defence personnel.

1. Harry said...1. Its an EXCELLENT (and practical) idea and needs to be seriously considered. Way to go !! 2. Sorry for digging up old issue but whats the latest on so-called High Level Committee to sort out Grade pay fiasco? Remember 8000 Grade Pay for Lt Cols was an 'INTERIM' measure till final decision on Grade Pay anomaly was taken? Has everybody forgotten it? I know public memory is short but surely things concerning ones izzat should not be compromised. Do update us on that if there is any further development. Thanks !

2. Manav musings said....Yes sir, its an excellent suggestion. But even if the govt thinks to consider it, the ultimate spoiler--- the implementors, i.e. bureaucrats will spoil everything beyond recognition. I worry this only.

3. Anonymous said... The abolishing of weightage is wef 1.1.06. An officer who retired after 20yrs service on 31.12.05 gets a pension of 21028, while an officer who retired on 1.1.06 after 20yrs service gets 25700. Taking 27% DA into account, the difference in pension is around 6000. And all because of one day!

4. Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...hat problem would also be killed for all times to come by observing such a system. While pensions of post-CPC retirees could continue to be calculated at 50% of last drawn emoluments, the pensions of all pre-CPC retirees could be placed at percentage slabs which would then keep the difference between pre and post-CPC retirees at the barest minimum. It would be de facto OROP which would be acceptable to all sections of retirees with only an added MSP fitment for faujis.

5. Major MRP said... Dear Major Navdeep, Your suggestion is not only excellent but practical to solve problems of pensioners for all time and closing litigation and thereby saving millions to the GOI and amount saved can be utilised for welfare schemes and enrgies of pensioners can be utilised in positive manner than to waste their years in agony and harassment in Couts and appeals to the Govt. Wishing you all the best and pray that such a noval idea can be implemented by benevolent Govt.

6 Vipin said... Sir, I dont think 50% pension has been granted to those with less than 33 yrs of service and retired between 1.1.06 and 1.9.08. is the matter under consideration.

7. Maj Navdeep Singh said... The matter has already been considered and accepted in principle by the Committee of Secretaries.

8. Gp Capt A B Mehta said... Navdeep has given a very practical suggestion. The bank staff are so confused, inspite of the govt orders as forwarded by PCDA, that they have paid some Lt Col (eq) 40% of old pension and recalculated on the basis of PB4 from 1/1/06! They have yet to pay full 60% to others.Since there would not be any PPO this is likely to drag on. In the suggested method PCDA could just indicate rankwise pension before and after the due date for all for PDAs to pay. I presume that this will benefit both the civil and defence staff and thus may not be opposed. Person retiring one day after the date of implementation would in any case get 50% of the last pay drawn.

9. Prakasa Rao said... A Very Good suggestion. Hope those who matter in decision making hear and implement it.

10. Bala said... Any rational,logical and just approach is welcome. Presently ,existing cut of dates and fixation of pensions has only created so much of disparity and anomalies leading to increased litigation and dishormony in human resources of the NATION . DRAFTING OF THESE POLICIIES/RULES AND LAW IS ABSOLUTELY POOR. Even some school children can suggest better ways and methods. It is sad reflection of governance.

11. Ajit said... A good suggestion but I am not at all optimistic if anyone who matters is listening / interested?

12. Nathan said... Quoting Maj Singh : "I would love to hear from our experts on the subject"
Well Major Singh, I don't think there is any better expert on the subject than you. You are just being humble. Let me tell you, in my 40 years of dealing with the subject both from the Central Govt. side and pensioners' associations side, I am yet to come across a better proposal.

Such implementation would not only meet the requirements of justice but also eliminate litigation and heart-burn. With your permission, I plan to send it to the Finance Ministry and the PM. The people in our Secretariats do not usually want simple systems in place since it threatens their discretionary powers and their power of being a thorn in a bed of roses. That is our undoing because simple procedures means lesser reliance on the govt. and lesser reliance means lesser power to the hordes of desk officers, section officers and under secretaries who put up proposals to the top brass (yes i agree with your previous article on this) who do not have time to apply full mind to such proposals.
Embracing the proposal proposed by you would end all our woes. Let us carry this forward my friend.

13. Anonymous said...Navdeep sir, the best solution till date from any quarter. Hope to see it through during my service career. If not this time, we should push for this in the next Pay Commission. I would request you to present a formal paper on this if you have the time to do it. thanks once again.

14. Ramani said...This cut off date business affects all in every way. a guy born on 31 dec and a guy born on 1 jan. gets different treatment in the mater of employment, college/school admissions and so on.
so where do we draw a line. As far as Navdeep's suggestion goes, it is the most practicable and sensible one that I have come across so far. However I think the Mandarins in the def(ia)ence ministry will not see it that way.

15.Anonymous said...Sir, 1) A very good practical suggestion, 2) Infact the ideal concept should be ONE GP ONE PENSION (OGOP )which will put to rest, cut off dates, and all other issues. hope the govt implements the same post haste Thanks


17.Col NR Kurup (Retd) said... There are many such atrocities. For example an officer who has been drawing the highest of his scale of pay continuously for many years and half that pay as pension after 33 years of service is put at the minimum of the scale of pay after every pay commission. Imagine the plight of someone like me who has undergone 3 such pay rivisions after retirement. If not a fixation at the same highest of the slab at least we deserve at least a point to point fixation aqnd not fixation at the lowest.

18.GaviniVN said....Sir, I had been expecting such a MARVELLOUS solution to the pension woes from your side, and now elated since U did it. In one of my earlier views expressed in this blog, I had mentioned your name (yourself) to be a part of the ARMED FORCES PAY COMMISSION, (IN 2016?) THE GOVT RECENTLY AGREED AND LIKELY TO BE CONSTITUTED WHEN NEEDED, as Member to represent the Pension/legal issues of the Pensioners. I pray and wish this to COME TRUE BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

Sir, Just Imagine, if such Govt's orders issued, -THE SAVINGS - the MANHOURS of an Army of Govt employees engaged in this work, Let go of the Drafting/finalising policies, reports, orders, recommendations, corrigemdums, clarifications, Saving of postage/courrier charges, Save charges on Telephone Conversations/clarifications, Save Tonnes of paper, Energy/money and Spare the administration to do other important work.

The Savings on this count could run into tens of thousands of Crores of Rupees, which the Govt can easily foot the Pension Bills to a considerable levels. This kind of SIMPLIFICATION OF PROCEDURE is a real PANACEA to the GOVT OF INDIA.

If ONE such idea/suggestion from EACH MINISTRY/DEPARTMENT OF GOVT OF INDIA comes out and applied, then the Savings ploughed back into the govt spending can MAKE OUR NATION A NUMERUNO IN A FLAT 100 YEARS.


19. Anonymous said...@ Harry, Para 2. Was it, really? The one man who could have helped to remind the babus is in the kiwiland. Only hope is the 18 yrs' rumour. Anything on this?

20.Anonymous said...Sir, May I know the present status of recommendations on delinking the requirement of 33 years of service for full pension.

21.Pramod said... Ramani @8.13PM.  >>>> def(ia)ence ministry.... awesome.

22. Jassi said... Dear Navdeep,  It is an excellent and innovative idea which can only grow in a brilliant mind.  If implemented it save us preparation of so many tables which create more problems than the number of their columns rows giving sleepless nights to those who w/o any say in the system.My only worry is whether it will be acceptable to the medicrity that rules the system.

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  1. 1)all groups in pbor have been brought to group two, but the poor group two or Now call Y group remains in same group 2) difference in pension between a havildar and jco is purposely kept very wide, because the beneficiaries of pension are mostly naiks and havildars, what a pity?